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Through a glass, darkly

A message can be delivered in many ways, sometimes in words, sometimes in pictures, sometimes a gesture, or sometimes just a look. Semantic information is thus just one of the many ways to convey a message. 246 woorden meer

Through The Lenses Of Economics

Veertiende Erfgoeddag in het teken van ‘Grenzeloos’

Op zondag 27 april staat de veertiende editie van de Erfgoeddag in Vlaanderen en Brussel in het teken van ‘Grenzeloos’. Waar trekken we grenzen in erfgoedorganisaties? 128 woorden meer

3-season people

At lunch we discussed about social cost-benefit analysis and as usual the critique ‘you economists think everything can be measured in euros!’ was well pronounced. I thought about arguing but all of a sudden remembered a story I heard earlier this summer and changed my mind. 333 woorden meer


Tampered histories

For many who grew up in China, the opium war would be a morality tale on China’s victimization by the west and the Chinese people’s heroic fights against ‘imperialists and their running dogs’. 162 woorden meer

Through The Lenses Of Economics

What's the point of sharing data?

Came across this revealing news item on the missing plane…not that I am against the idea of sharing data, but sometimes it is more important to share the ideas than just sharing data. 193 woorden meer


Questioning technology

Since quite a while I have been thinking about the socio-economic aspects of technological innovations in terms of their social embeddedness (public acceptance etc) and economic viability given the institutional framework within which they take place (the NIE has become my ‘hammer’). 135 woorden meer

Through The Lenses Of Economics