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Today sun came up, after two long days of cold. In my car I put the safety belt, i can’t feel it, i have layers and layers of clothes, i cant’t feel the safetiness. 68 woorden meer



When you’re angry with someone remember that around five million years ago a hominid decided to venture into the unknown and thanks to him you’re here today, then don’t waste your time. 38 woorden meer


Toilet Flapper Problems

Fixing Toilet Flapper in Moment Homes

The toilet flapper is a very important part of the toilet bowl. A malfunctioning toilet flapper can prevent your toilet from working correctly. 817 woorden meer

2 sides

Note the size of the basil in the two environments, Mega basil is rounded with tomato and coriander in a big pot (minifig for scale), normal basil is with more basil and on a small pot. 8 woorden meer



Where is your pomodoro?

At the beggining, those of us who are fortunate to have a mother, your mother prepared the food that you might like the most, the one that you were asked to eat for your own good, the one that was in that moment, the one you hated, the one you learned to apreciate. 2.231 woorden meer


Ideas Visualiser

I have a creative visions and ideas document I go to add their namesakes. I find myself with a creative inner image sparking and need to visit this at all sorts of times of the day and night. 116 woorden meer

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The colour of Schumann Resonances.

The earth hums to us, but in what colour?…

Schumann Resonances are low frequency waves which exist around the earth all of the time bouncing between the surface and the upper atmosphere like a fluctuating electromagnetic hum. 653 woorden meer

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