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30 Day Dance Challenge - Day #3

OK, I’m a little out of order, but here is my last set of dance shoes for Day #3. I have a shiny new set, a gift from a fellow teacher, but they’ve only been used once so far, and they just look like the shoes on the website. 14 woorden meer

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30 Day Challenge: Day 2. Something I Feel Strongly About.

This is day 2 of the 30 day challenge that I said I’d do, this means I’ll be making 2 posts on some days. The challenge topic for today is something I feel strongly about. 864 woorden meer


30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 12

Prompt: A song you would like to learn to play.

Since the prompt never mentioned how I’m playing the song, I’m just going to go with hand whistling, like what I can do with… 108 woorden meer


30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 11

Prompt: A song you would choose to sing as a karaoke in the shower

My hands down favourite ESC song to sing in the shower is probably Serbia’s 2007 winning entry, “Molitva.” Even if I don’t have the backing track with me (e.g. 103 woorden meer


February 27 - an excerpt

February 27, 2015

Dear ,

More than all this, you’re the one that always pushed me to do more and to be the best version of myself. 94 woorden meer


I'm terrible

I know I’m terrible and really suck at consistency. I was supposed to do a thirty day creativity challenge over the summer, and I made it to day 1. 89 woorden meer


30 Days Of Dance Challenge - Day 4

Ok, I’m skipping Day 3 for the moment. lol I keep forgetting to get my shoes from the car – even walked out to the garage yesterday, then forgot why I was there, and didn’t remember what I’d gone to get until this morning. 117 woorden meer

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