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30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 30

Prompt: Your favourite joke entry

Back when I started the 30 Day challenge, I looked at the last prompt on the list and thought, “Oh, Ukraine 2007.” A few (read: 9) months later I’m looking at the prompt again and that still hasn’t changed. 64 woorden meer


30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 29

Prompt: Your favourite non-Eurovision song by a Eurovision artist

I spent about half an hour trying to come up with a list my top 10 non-ESC songs (read: I copied every non-NF, non-ESC song by an ESC artist off my phone and tried to reduce the list down to 10 songs) since I couldn’t pick a favourite. 234 woorden meer


30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 28

Prompt: Your Favourite entry for choreography

I was learning the Cara Mia dance when I almost answered this prompt when I realized that the song was from Mello and not from Eurovision. 149 woorden meer


10 things about my lolita bubble

Without further adieu, lets start!

  1. Lolita fashion is one of my autistic “special interests”. My obsession with it is not as huge as it was about a year ago, but I still find it to be a very relaxing interest.
  2. 492 woorden meer
30 Days Challenge

30 Days of Lolita Challenge!

Apparently, I don’t have enough going on my life right now (and I don’t want even to start talking about all the unfinished projects I am working on) because I decided to try out the… 287 woorden meer

30 Days Challenge

30 Days of Eurovision- Day 27 (and some rants)

Prompt: Your favourite entry for lyrics

Today’s one of those days that if my 11th grade English teacher read what I was typing, she would call the counselor on me and pull me out of class for some kind of mental issue. 508 woorden meer

Day 30 - Ice cream

So it was 30 days challenge with 2 other friends and we celebrated with ice cream for ending. I choose to do one drawing a day and many days I failed to do. 11 woorden meer