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Experiment #4 - result

Hi there,

even though I am in Costa Rica right now, I’d like to describe my experiment ##4.

I did read, but I don’t think it was as much as I wanted to when I first thought of that experiment, which is sad, because I used to read very often and I still would like to learn new English words. 443 woorden meer


Day 2: What Rhymes With, With.

Everyone has everyone’s typical and practically, we live wih it; they say us (asians) play instrumental musics the most best and mathematics is our bloodline. Working more than the hours that a day provide seems to be making sense, but still we’ll be always making less economical investments than the westerners. 698 woorden meer

30 Days Challenge

Day 1: The Girl Who Bought A Goldfish & 2.5 Flowers.

Got this from, here.

She was different to anything else he had ever known.

He remembers her from a worn out poetry book his mother used to keep, and read out lout every Christmas. 668 woorden meer

30 Days Challenge

30 Days Writing Challenge.

So I would like to start on a new project, since I’ve been soooo under-inspired these past months (need something to drag me out of my boredom, starting today as in 26/03/18). 495 woorden meer

30 Days Challenge

30 Days Blog Challenge | Day 20 – How Important I Think Education Is


Sepenting rumput yang menjadi produsen dalam rantai makanan. Kalau tidak ada, rusak sudah struktur tersebut. Sama seperti edukasi. Kalau tidak ada edukasi, lalu apakah kita mampu berdiri sendiri di kehidupan? 32 woorden meer

30 Days Challenge

30 Days Blog Challenge | Day 19 – Disrespecting My Parents

Wah! Lama sekali tak lanjut tulis 30 Days Blog Challenge. Nah, ini adalah kelanjutannya di satu tahun berikutnya selepas post terakhir di blog ini.

Mengenai tema kali ini yang menyangkut orang tua, jujur saja saya sedih. 136 woorden meer

30 Days Challenge

Version 1 of 30 Days Challenge

A month ago I started a productivity hack by the name ’30 Days Challenge’. As 30 days are completed I am back with the analysis of the first version of 30 days challenge. 155 woorden meer