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Day 30 I didn't say not again....

Thirty days of writing here was fun and not even one day I felt why I started.

I always run from challenges. It’s not that I am afraid of it but I don’t have confidence that I will finish the challenge. 143 woorden meer

Day 29 Am I Religious ?

Am i religious?? Yes

Religious means going to temple and doing puja? No i do go to temple but i dont know to do any puja other than lighting lamp in front of god every day morning. 260 woorden meer

Day 28 A small talk

At my work there is a major revamping is going on. Part of the revamp, everyone are getting a new PC. There is this guy A who is working seven days a week from morning 4.am to 12.pm in the afternoon. 242 woorden meer

30 Days Challenge

Day 27 Talk to me

Sometimes I feel you are not spoken to because you are a women. I meant people avoid talking to you because you are a women. I don’t stop myself what I like to do because I am a women. 298 woorden meer


Day 26 Afternoon Siesta 

Every Saturday and Sunday I keep my phone and iPad away after my mid day meal for a quick nap. This nap rejuvenates me and makes me look forward for the work week. 82 woorden meer

30 Days Challenge

Day 24 Few reasons why I like winter

I always crib about winter but I do like winter for few reasons.

First and foremost reason is I can go out in my pyjamas. Yeah you read it right. 82 woorden meer

Day 23 The weather network

Come winter the weather network website gets the maximum hits. Checking the weather in this part of the world is so crucial and it’s like a basic necessity. 221 woorden meer