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30 Days Challenge // Day 4 - Increase Your Endorphins

Endorphins – what are they and where to get them? When I think of endorphins, I think of exercising, of running twenty miles and afterwards feel absolutely exhausted but also… 568 woorden meer


Menulis dan Monster

Saya memulai tulisan ini dengan hati yang bercampur aduk, otak berpikir keras tentang topik yang akan saya tulis. Hm, nulis apa ya? apa nulis tentang tips-tips melawan gejolak prokrasinasi? 590 woorden meer

30 Days Letter Challenge

A Tubing #Microadventure

I’ve mentioned in previous posts (exhibit a, and exhibit b) how much I love Alastair Humphrey and his #microadventures. One of my favourite chapters in his book was about a jaunt he and some of his mates took on an English river in truck inner tubes. 88 woorden meer

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Welcome back alle!! Wie geht’s? Ich bin wieder hier mit euch !

In meinem letzen Beitrag habe ich erwähnt, der Anfang meines Herausforderung beziehungsweise die Grunde, wieso ich es beginne. 349 woorden meer

30 Days Challenge

30 Days Challenge

Herzlich Willkommen zu meinem ersten Blogbeitrag. Ich wollte euch verraten, wieso ich diesen Beitrag schreibe. Könnt ihr vermutlich es schon einschätzen, oder?

Ja! Genau!! Naturlich wollte ich euch über meinen 30 Days Challenge ankündigen. 229 woorden meer

30 Days Challenge

The Harry Potter 30 Days Challenge #30

Welcome back for the 30th day of The Harry Potter 30 Days Challenge! As you know by now, Leannaatc @Short Story Long had this idea of a month full of Harry Potter and you can find the prompt for each day here  895 woorden meer

Harry Potter

30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 30

Prompt: Your favourite joke entry

Back when I started the 30 Day challenge, I looked at the last prompt on the list and thought, “Oh, Ukraine 2007.” A few (read: 9) months later I’m looking at the prompt again and that still hasn’t changed. 64 woorden meer