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30 Days of Eurovision- Day 27 (and some rants)

Prompt: Your favourite entry for lyrics

Today’s one of those days that if my 11th grade English teacher read what I was typing, she would call the counselor on me and pull me out of class for some kind of mental issue. 508 woorden meer

Day 30 - Ice cream

So it was 30 days challenge with 2 other friends and we celebrated with ice cream for ending. I choose to do one drawing a day and many days I failed to do. 11 woorden meer


Day 29 - My Friend's travelling bag 내 친구의 여행 가방

We laughed about her bringing a kleenex box, then later it got so useful for her.

화장지를 상자 채 들고 와서 다같이 웃었는데, 나중에 그 친구에게 매우 유용하게 쓰였다.

14 April 2015


Day 24 - Desert with flowers

Desert will get beautiful flowers.

사막에 아름다운 꽃이

09 April 2015