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The Sending of Hagar

The child grew, and was weaned; and Abraham made a great feast on the day that Isaac was weaned. But Sarah saw the son of Hagar the Egyptian, whom she had borne to Abraham, playing with her son Isaac.  2.460 woorden meer


Genesis: 11-50

We might call the section of the Book of Genesis we’re reading the next two weeks at Mass (Genesis 11-50) its Jewish phase. The first 10 chapters of Genesis describe the origins of the world and the beginnings of the human race. 405 woorden meer



Reading: Genesis 22: 1-7

Verse Two: Then God said, “Take your son, your only son Isaac… sacrifice him there”.

Abraham had a tremendous amount of respect for God. 302 woorden meer


So, I will continue to look at the end-times, the rapture of the Church and the wrath to come.

It appears to me that this is a subject many Christians want to avoid, especially the partial preterists who are convinced that the tribulation period concluded in AD 70! 556 woorden meer

Jabez's Prayer

The God of Hagar Praise

Reading: Genesis 21:8-21

The first thing you need to know about Hagar, you can’t: her name. Whatever name her parents gave her is erased from the story. 1.866 woorden meer


Hospitality, Genesis 18v1-15

A farmer went to the big city to see the sights. Checking in, he asked the hotel receptionist about the time of meals. ‘Breakfast is served from 6 am to 11 am; lunch from midday to 3 pm, and supper from 5.30 to 11.00 in the evening’. 1.326 woorden meer

In Feast and Famine [Genesis 26:1-18]

Sermon Notes

Date: 06/25/2017

Preacher: Monty Simao, pastor

Series: Genesis

Key Text: Genesis 26:1-18

Description: Are the sins of a father doomed to be repeated in the life of his child?  53 woorden meer