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Today’s Word With Joel & Victoria Osteen - He Will Fill You


“‘…My people will be filled with My bounty,’ declares the LORD.”
Jeremiah 31:14, NIV


What does it mean to be filled? It means to be satisfied. 272 woorden meer



Gen 18:10-14

‘Now Sarah was listening at the entrance to the tent, which was behind him. Abraham and Sarah were already old and well advanced in years, and Sarah was past the age of childbearing.

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Abraham’s Sacrifice

When God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac, Abraham, in obedience to God’s request, set out to go to the land of Moriah where he would offer his son as a burnt offering. 646 woorden meer

Hebrew Bible

Death Is Dead

Then some Sadducees, who believe that people will not rise from death, came to question Jesus (169).

They said, “Teacher, Moses wrote this law for us: ‘If a man dies and leaves a wife but no children, that man’s brother must marry the widow; then their children will be considered the dead man’s heirs.’  So, we have a question for you about that. 227 woorden meer

romans 4:17-21

God we beg you to grow our faith. grow in us the same faith that was credited to abraham as righteousness. make our hearts believe that you are the God who gives life to the dead and calls things that are not as though they were. 804 woorden meer


Tell Me The Truth

I cannot tolerate anyone lying to me.

People who lie simply cannot be trusted because they are practicing deception at my expense.If you tell me something I am going to take you at your word and if I find that you have lied to me,well,good luck in earning back my trust in you. 634 woorden meer

Let US Go Down

Many times, we hear of people doubtful that God, who is so all powerful and has “more important things to do with His time”, could possibly be interested in little old us. 814 woorden meer