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Own Your Magic Button!

When it comes to people affecting our moods, we have more control than we think. In fact, we’ve got the magic. We truly do. It’s all about learning how to harness the power also known as our personal power. 316 woorden meer

Notes on Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling after reading Joakim Garff

Abraham would have been terrifying because if we had met him we would never have glimpsed his inner life. We would not have seen the man of faith. 717 woorden meer


A Servant on a Mission

There’s a familiar prayer that includes these words:¬† Lord, take me where you want me to go today; have me meet whom you want me to meet; have me say what you’d have me say. 1.133 woorden meer

Genesis 36: Feeding the flesh

Many of you may come to the chapter 36 and wonder why is this chapter in the¬†Bible. It is a whole bunch of names that you can’t pronounce and you are thinking, what can I possibly learn from this or how is this going to help me grow spiritually? 2.187 woorden meer

Bible Study

Is Anything Too Hard for the Lord?

The Lord spoke to Abraham and said that Sarah, his wife who was 90 years old, would have a son. Sarah laughed, thinking that was impossible. 136 woorden meer


Israel is Blooming

It was a starry night. Abram, the man chosen to be the father of the Jewish nation, was looking up into the sky, counting the stars. 1.016 woorden meer


Jehovah Jireh

During the next couple months or so, I will be stopping in each book of the Bible looking at portraits of Jesus in each book. 393 woorden meer