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Bible Trivia Saturday: Jesus In The Old Testament (Answer)


Where in the Book of Genesis do you see the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ mentioned?


The prediction of Jesus’ death and resurrection in its complete declaration through symbolism was first seen in… 555 woorden meer


9 Words for Wilderness (Part 1)

If you’re anything like me, you don’t take much of anything you see, hear, or read these days at face value. As I’m sure you’ve already figured out, we human beings are prone to taking things out of context or just plain exaggeration. 1.227 woorden meer


Righteousness, a study

Be prepared.

That theme came to me twice in two days this week.

I led a men’s Bible study on the breastplate of righteousness. Why wear a breastplate? 1.023 woorden meer

Abraham: The Peacemaker

Abraham was a Nine on the Enneagram. Spiritually connected, a capable negotiator, Abraham was also a man prone to go along with other people or wrong ideas in service of inner and outer harmony. 1.138 woorden meer

Thoughts on Genesis 19: Sodom and Gomorrah

Genesis 19 opens with Lot, (Abraham’s nephew) seeing two angels approaching the city of Sodom. The mission of these two angels is to partake in the destruction of Sodom. 243 woorden meer

Thoughts & Opinion

God's Wisdom

It is a mystery destined for our glory, who love God. These are the things prepared by God & are revealed by his spirit. The Spirit, which was given to Abraham when he believed. 56 woorden meer