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Who are the Palestinians?

The Arab League Summit will take place in Amman Jordan next week.  One major agenda item is the revised “peace plan” to deal with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 152 woorden meer

Current Events

Preparing for March 26 Worship

“Family of Faith”
Romans 4:1-12

We return to our series on Romans. Paul focuses on “Father Abraham,” and we hear what we have in common with this patriarch of the Old Testament.


Encountering God and Our Proper Response

In my reading of the Scriptures today, I touched Genesis, Matthew, Job, and Acts. There is a lot to discover in the Word if we would take the time to dig into the Word through prayer and meditation. 1.915 woorden meer


Jars of Clay

For the past two night I have parked on the opposite side of the building where I work—it’s the same side where Jan picked me up after my interview there, nearly a year ago. 333 woorden meer


Genesis 15:1-21

After Abram defeats the kings from the east and rescues Lot, God appears to him again and reassures him with promises regarding a son and the land.  2.706 woorden meer

Bible Notes

Human Sacrifice in the Bible and Today

Throughout various times and across numerous cultures, people have shared the idea that one or a few within their numbers must be sacrificed for the appeasement of God or the “gods,” and for the betterment of society. 1.085 woorden meer


Evil Day 

Therefore take up the whole armor of God that you may be able to resist in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. … 214 woorden meer