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Jews  are the Children of Israel, i.e. Prophet Jacob, who primarily belonged to the area known as Juda. Israelites believe in all the prophets before Prophet Abraham, however the case becomes different when it comes till him.  67 woorden meer


Living unto God in Word, In Manner of Life, in Love, in Faith, In Purity, - By Laurence Torr

Living unto God in Word, In Manner of Life, in Love, in Faith, In Purity,

God wants His people to be examples in the way we live our lives as believers, to the point no one can point the finger at us in any way. 91 woorden meer

Unveiling the Veil Subject (10 of 10)

It has been an interesting little journey which has finally reached the end. We looked at eight different questions concerning the passage in 1 Corinthians 11 that discussed the head covering. 1.344 woorden meer

Unveiling The Veil Subject

The Sticker Chart

If you have a child, you either have experienced the joys of potty training, or will soon do so. I’ve heard of many different methods used by many different people for the purposes of potty training, but none as popular as the famous sticker chart. 2.506 woorden meer


Focusing on what you want...

Many people who contact about Law of Attraction coaching can’t understand why they’re not attracting what they want.  One question I like to ask people is “How often each day do you spend focusing on what you want, and why you want it?”  After a brief silence, they admit that it’s not very often.  179 woorden meer

Law Of Attraction

Living Without The Reward

This year has been full of blessings. A great roommate (shout out to Lianna), our cute little cat Benny and a host of social activities with lovely people who feel more like family then friends. 601 woorden meer

Spiritual Nuggets & More

Who Am I? I Am Christ's Representative

The past two days we have been looking at how in Christ we are to be fruit bearers. You can view all of the Who Am I? 1.344 woorden meer