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Rwandan President Paul Kagame receives frequent praise for leading the country through an extended period of relative peace and prosperity after the country’s brutal genocide in 1994. 222 woorden meer


Relaa, Cultural Collective

Relaa is a ‘Democratic Cultural Initiative’ which attempts to bring artists, scholars and cultural groups together to foment a cultural revolution. It believes that ‘culture’ has often been reduced to art or to propaganda performed before or after speeches at political events. 91 woorden meer


Evicted- It's Not O.K.

I’m currently reading Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City by Matthew Desmond, and I’ve gotta say: it’s a heck of a lot more compelling than its title suggests. 769 woorden meer

Geral Sosbee, FBI Whistleblower: FBI & FMJ Are On a Roll of Domestic Criminality

Re-posted with permission from the author, from http://www.indymedia.org.nz/articles/12090, after this post (emphases below mine) by Geral Sosbee, ex-FBI Special Agent, licensed attorney, and Vietnam war veteran who has been whistleblowing about the Truth regarding the phenomenon of “Targeted Individuals” for years: those who are targeted are victims of Intelligence agency and military and judicial system crimes: … 679 woorden meer

Waking Up

Neighborhood Meetings and Caucus Meetings

Provo recently reminded residents through its YouTube channel about its “neighborhood chair” program.  This program involves residents in each of Provo’s 34 neighborhoods regularly electing one of themselves to serve as a “chair,” who will then host periodic neighborhood meetings in which residents may discuss their various concerns and/or suggestions, while providing a regular line of communication about such issues between neighborhood residents and city councilors. 686 woorden meer


Books for Women's History Month

I want to recommend two books for Women’s History Month – one for you and one for all the young girls whom you know and love. 763 woorden meer


33 Remarkable Things Happening In The Food World That Will Make Your Day

By Stacy Basko

Need a break from what can feel like an endless supply of bad news? Here are 33 inspiring things happening in the food world, from refugee-run enterprises to restaurants that serve everyone, regardless of whether or not they can pay. 1.320 woorden meer