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Song of the Day: Fais & Afrojack - Used To Have It All

Excellent song from Fais and Afrojack that starts off fairly unassuming until the beat picks up and then it simply just takes off. Great dance track/club song that is sure to get more than a few spins over the coming months.

The Telltale Mind

Fais - Used To Have It All

You’re looking at me
I’m looking back at you
Looking for answers
What are we ‘spossed to do?

Stuck in a moment
And we can find our way out… 286 woorden meer


Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike - Bringing The Madness 3.0 (FULL HD 2,5 HOUR LIVESET)

Download 8 Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike tracks FOR FREE: http://www.summerofmadness.com/ Follow Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike on Spotify: http://dimitrivegasandlikemike.com/spotify Relive the MADNESS with these exclusive Spotify playlists: Bringing The Madness Playlist:

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Best Nightclubs In NYC


He let me out by my car on Mateo, and appeared to double back around to the full-nude Deja Vu. The marquee there said “100 Beautiful Girls and 3 Ugly Ones.” They are all pretty to their mothers. 854 woorden meer

Blackie Carbon

Song of the Day [October 10, 2016]

I’ve chosen “Do or Die” by  Afrojack featuring Thirty Seconds To Mars as the song of the day.

Why did I choose it? 383 woorden meer


The Real Names of DJs - Part 1

By Danceclubgirl

It’s no surprise that the many of the world’s top DJs have opted for stage names rather than their real names. Not only is the stage name a great way to create a particular aura, but with so many of the top DJs being Dutch or Swedish, their real names would have been hard to remember and pronounce for  English-speakers. 719 woorden meer