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No Agenda. No Meeting.

 No Agenda, No Meeting Have you ever been in a meeting and it felt like a total waste of time. We have all been there, the meeting where Keith from Accounts mutters on for ages, Jenny from Marketing talks and talks and talks and talks and after 90 minutes another session is booked in the diary without anything being accomplished. 352 woorden meer

Recruitment Hacks


Why is it a simple request can turn on its head and be swerved in the opposite direction from the original intent of request. If you paid attention to the directive first given it might be an easier day for you. 193 woorden meer

Driving Rant

October 23rd, 2018

Today’s Goals:

  • Finish Pixlr.com Image Challenges
  • Finish Name Tage v2.0
  • Finish Inspirational Quote v2.0
  • Review use of color in Web Design
  • Website Trend – the 90s are BACK!
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Documentary – The Vatican Deception

This Is An Older Post & A Reminder – Of The Worldwide Online Release – From October 13, 2018

Oct 8, 2018

COMMENT (by a soul… 270 woorden meer


EXPOSED part 5, Satan's Plan Catholicism- watch movies= satanic agenda

EXPOSED part 5, Satan’s Plan Catholicism- watch movies to see satan’ plans

You hear it on the radio, on television and the in all media. Preaching contrary to Catholicism, how can you escape? 218 woorden meer

Launching FK3G Kabupaten Tasikmalaya Masa Bakti 2018-2021

Singaparna, 20/10/2018
Bertempat di Aula Pendopo Baru Perkantoran Sukapura Bojongkoneng Singaparna, telah dilangsungkan acara Pengukuhan Pengurus Forum Komunikasi Kelompok Kerja Guru (FK3G) Kabupaten Tasikmalaya Masa Bakti 2018-2021 dan Pembinaan Pengurus KKG SD… 291 woorden meer


How to Bullet Journal

It has almost been a year since I started my first bullet journal. While I don’t use mine as routinely as most bullet journal users, I have some tips on how to start a bullet journal. 294 woorden meer