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Do not attend meetings without an agenda

 No Agenda, No Meeting Have you ever been in a meeting and it felt like a total waste of time. We have all been there, the meeting where Keith from Accounts mutters on for ages, Jenny from Marketing talks and talks and talks and talks and after 90 minutes another session is booked in the diary without anything being accomplished. 352 woorden meer

Recruitment Hacks

Understanding My Project Through Metaphor

The initial “Talking Tableware” activity in my project is the catalyst for making change and producing something new within the community. Residents produce plates using clay existing in historical clay pits in their area, creating something from nothing – “nothing” being existing assets in the neighbourhood which are currently under utilised. 137 woorden meer


Turn in Symmetry, Start NEW PROJECT

WORDPRESS: “Symmetry Play”

  1. Export a new JPEG from Illustrator.
  2. Head to your Worpress account and document your work.
  3. POSTS > Add New.
  4. Title it: “Symmetry Play”
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Agenda: Pet Shop Boys Sharpen Their Claws

The Pet Shop Boys marked the beginning of 2019 with a flurry of activity, like men inspired by the gods, or recipients of an enormous tax bill: taking the… 1.268 woorden meer

Arts & Culture

February 12, 2019

Today’s Goals:

  • Learn about WordPress
  • Increase HTML Knowledge
  • Increase your WordPress knowledge
  • Publish your page to the class website
  • Add a link to your page on the class website “Student Pages” page…
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