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today i learned - tues 19th june 2018

this is solely the best thing you’re going to read today 😂 like, read this and then go back to bed … you’ll see nothing better today 🙈 375 woorden meer

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American Christian - A Conversation with Matthew Bowman

Matthew Bowman is Associate Professor of History at Henderson State University. In his new book, Christian: The Politics of a Word in America, he documents a few of the many forms that Christianity has assumed over the past 150 years. 615 woorden meer


Ancient Agriculture

If you think you see a theme starting to develop here, you’re right. I’ll say it again with feeling: THERE IS A WEALTH OF HISTORICAL FARMING KNOWLEDGE AVAILABLE FOR MODERN SUSTAINABLE FARMERS TO USE! 282 woorden meer

When the Whole World is Drowning

So, the world is a trashfire. I mean, it seems like its been that way for a while, but in recent weeks the flames just keep getting hotter and… 956 woorden meer


The Cousins Lunch

“Let me get this straight,” said my husband as he dropped me off at our local Metro station. “You’re going to New York to meet a guy you met on the internet?” We laughed. 1.338 woorden meer