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The Lyric Project 105.0

This songwriter has been described by John Mayer as the ” best lyric writer of my generation” …to me, this song just reinforces it. The dichotomies set up within this song between luck and needs; between fate and dreams; between love and the ambition; are subtle but make some of the most poignant statements in writing about rural America’s struggle with globalism that I’ve heard or read. 367 woorden meer

Random Thoughts

In Case You're One of Those Citizens Who Want to Keep Track

Amy Siskind, a former Wall Street executive, is documenting the odd and troubling things happening in Washington. She publishes a summary every week. Margaret Sullivan of… 918 woorden meer


Stay Here!

Yes, please do consider staying here, at Casa de Avila, if you are in Arequipa. It is a basic hotel, but the reason I wish I had had more time in this mountain city. 146 woorden meer


US Propaganda efforts making progress, still ineffective

Update from City-State:
Americans are still too well informed about the goings on of their government. Their citizens doth protest too much. Here at the ministry of entertainment, we plan proper distractions for our citizens. 237 woorden meer


Arkansas: Possum Pie

I started writing this post realized the only thing I know about Arkansas is that I always read Arkansas as “Arkan-Sauce,” which my second grade teacher told us was extremely impolite to actually say to someone from Arkansas. 333 woorden meer


Virgin America #TalkBirdyToMe

Here at Thebackgalley we just love Virgin America talking dirty to us! 227 woorden meer


There's A Mustard Museum In Middleton, Wisconsin

Dijon, Brown, yellow, ground, we got all kinds of mustard at the mustard museum!