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Guanches y castellanos: Un tesoro llamado Canarias

La entrada de esta semana viene a rescatar un pedazo de la historia de nuestro país que suele pasar desapercibido. Para muchos españoles las Canarias son ese conjunto de islas muy turísticas, donde hay un clima increíble y que suelen aparecer en la esquina de los mapas del tiempo. 1.683 woorden meer

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It’s Time

Listen up. Bernie Sanders has a good chance of becoming the nominee of the Democratic Party even though many see the favorite—Hillary Clinton—as a shoe in. 574 woorden meer

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Hypocrisy: Americans Applaud Other Countries for Uprising, But Not Black People

Apparently, part of my job writing for Urban Intellectuals has become pointing out the rampant hypocrisy in America and from her people. There seems to be no shortage in this country, that’s for sure. 373 woorden meer


Thomas Hunter - The founder of an American institution

Thomas Hunter was a social reformer born in 1831 in Ardglass. When he was young his father died and he went to live with his grandparents, the Norris family, it was his grandmother who taught him to read. 300 woorden meer

Eating McDonald's, or catching our flight

I’m lovin’ it!

Every year, I visit my family in Russia for three months in the summer.  This year, I made the cross-Atlantic journey with my mom and 5-year old niece.  

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Indira Adams

The Go-Slow-Need-My-MoJo Mode

Today the seniors begin taking their finals. I have earned the sympathy of staff members who do not teach seniors. Senioritis hit shortly after Spring Break and only graduation can cure its outbreak. 434 woorden meer



I have just


my copy of Major General Smedley Butler’s wee book. You know the one: ‘War Is A Racket… 365 woorden meer