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Visualizing the impact of the Holocaust

When Rosey E. Pool returned from her hiding place in May 1945, readjusting to post Holocaust society proved to be painful and difficult. Her parents, brother, and in fact the majority of her family was murdered in Nazi death camps.  968 woorden meer

Rosey E. Pool

Anne Frank House: Amsterdam

Unbelievable and surreal. That is what I would say about the Anne Frank house.

It’s hard to wrap your head around something you read as a child and it was a mere story in your mind, because your brain can’t wrap itself around the life she lead and her wisdom at such a young age.   872 woorden meer


The "OMG YESSSSSS!!!" part of the story

It’s always all in the details. Who? What? Where? When? How? What romantic story remains entertaining without the drooling details of how it all went down?  311 woorden meer


A weekend Amsterdamned

Alongside tulips and cheese, there’s weed and prostitutes to be had in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the prostitutes were of the wrong gender for me, it’s out of season for tulips, and I’m not a big fan of cheese, so I was left with weed. 1.315 woorden meer

A Journey Of Weekends

XtraCold Icebar in Amsterdam

A fun evening in Amsterdam was visiting the XtraCold Ice Bar. Inside the bar has a cold room, which is covered in ice. When first entering the bar, they gave us three tokens each. 250 woorden meer