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ACNL: Meeting Amy!

 The other day, I saw that I’d missed Francine’s birthday. I’m a hopeless mayor, sometimes :P

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I finally met Mayor Amy over the weekend! 211 woorden meer


Cyrus Goes On Holiday

Yesterday, when I tried to scan Cyrus’s amiibo figure, it didn’t work out (maybe because it was shop hours?), so I tried again today. At first I was worried… 136 woorden meer


Turnips and Turnip Dresses

So I finally bought a ranch couch. I’m not sure what is left to get. I’m thinking of getting rid of all the ranch furniture and making this room into a pink cafe. 220 woorden meer


How To Dress Like a Grown Up

So, Julian moved in, as expected, considering I adopted him.

Yeah, I know. I saw where you plotted your house yesterday.

This is his place -I really like it, although it’s not original. 410 woorden meer


ACNL: Diet Town

 I paid off another home loan in Arrested today. I’ve also been putting paths down and keeping it nice and tidy :P

 In Acorn, it was snowing! 228 woorden meer


My Month in Gaming - January

The start of a New Year creates a new mindset that usually sounds like new year new me. As we leave 2016 behind us we create promises, goals and ideas to help make the year ahead the best it can be. 743 woorden meer


ACNL: Lucky Island Escape

 The other day, the notice board reminded me I need to start attempting to make snowmen again :P

 In the campsite, I bought another food item from Harvey. 223 woorden meer