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Mario Kart 8 DLC: Keep 'Em Coming, Nintendo

There’s good things happeningĀ becauseĀ of Mario Kart 8’s DLC. The content itself, for a start. People are mixed about the idea of Mario Kart slowly transforming into Nintendo Kart, but I for one am up for doing trick boosts off every major landmark from Nintendo’s franchises. 3.094 woorden meer


That little so-and-so

Animal Crossing New Leaf on 3DS is basically the cutest thing everrrrrrr. Just thought you should know, you little so-and-so.

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My lunch break: Played Animal Crossing on 3DS.
Husband's lunch break: Practiced typing using the Workman keyboard layout.

Sarah Blackstock (@sarahblackstock) May 21, 2015…

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf [REVIEW]

Author’s Notes:

Animal Crossing New Leaf has to be the best game in the franchise. Being the mayor gives you a lot of opportunities. I had the game since launch. 1.056 woorden meer


A Special Date

I was once asked: “If I could date one special character, who would it be?”

Well, honestly, I had never considered dating any of the special characters, so in order to answer this question, I had to weight my options. 339 woorden meer


E3 2015 Hype - Nintendo

We’re just over one month away from the biggest gaming convention of the year. E3 2015 will open it’s doors on 14th June 2015. We’ll hopefully be treated to a plethora of new games, info on already announced games and a few more surprises to boot. 858 woorden meer


Castaway Paradise now available on Steam

Remember, some months ago, when I wrote about Castaway Paradise? (blog here) It was released back then on iOS, and a good game to have on the go if you like Animal Crossing. 113 woorden meer

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