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ACNL: Lighting Up Acorn

It’s been quiet in Acorn for the past few days, but I have seen a few people out-of-town!

The other night, I visited Jeff and took this pretty picture of his Main Street at dusk. 198 woorden meer

Animal Crossing

Daily sketch 16

Sorry it’s been a while since I posted (I am still trying to sketch when I have time).
Today’s sketch is Pokemon crossing Dawn! Hope you like it… 14 woorden meer

Five Nintendo NX Titles That Need To Happen

Even though Nintendo were quiet about the whole new console thing at E3 2016, we definitely know that the Nintendo NX is coming at some point. 512 woorden meer


Gaming Around The Clock

Today’s prompt was “Clock.”

So this immediately brings to mind the many, many summer nights I spent without sleep, playing whatever video game I had become fixated on. 248 woorden meer

Video Games

ACNL: Lighthouse and a dream suite

For a change, I actually feel like I’m making progress with PWP’s! I’ll admit, it does kind of annoy me how slow it can be to receive PWP suggestions to be honest. 170 woorden meer

Animal Crossing

You Have Been Found Wanting.

Something I miss. Fortuitously I missed a post last week due to being on holiday. I went to Norfolk, it was lovely, thanks for asking. Anyway, having been searching for something to write about the gap has given me the perfect answer. 707 woorden meer

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