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HHD: School Revamp

I was so sleepy yesterday, so I only did a few houses and decided to give the school a much needed revamp.

Shari wanted a house of non-wiltong flowers, so I chose as much flowery furniture as I could – they’ll definitely never wilt! 344 woorden meer


Friday's Cup of Coffee wk 41

Phew, let me catch my breath for a moment…it’s been a busy week. Lots of things going on at home, I’ll not bore you with all of that, but I’m really happy to sit down with you for a nice cuppa! 473 woorden meer

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Some Hilarity at Isabelle's Expense

I don’t much like Isabelle. She and the alpacas are just too sugary—not great additions to the Animal Crossing family. And I am utterly baffled by her popularity. 106 woorden meer


HHD: A New Restaurant!

As yesterday was my first not so busy day this week, I actually had a decent amount of play time.

I began with one of my favourite ladies, Muffy. 450 woorden meer


HHD: New Homes

I avoided all projects yesterday because it was a super busy day, and again focused on villagers houses.

First up was Wart Jr., he isn’t a favourite villager but the theme he wanted seemed fun. 440 woorden meer


HHD: New Homes and a Shop!

Having abandoned my DS with Stitches patiently waiting for his house to be built, this was where my day started yesterday.

As Stitches is super bright and colourful himself, I tried to make his room bright. 253 woorden meer


Game Review: Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer 

Hi Loves~

I have been playing this new game since the day it came out September 25. It is a game meant to let your inner designer run wild like never before in the Animal Crossing games! 346 woorden meer