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SEO Report - SEO for Growth

Using Seo for Growth’s free seo website audit, will help identify the exisiting SEO equity of your site. But it is important to note, it’s not perfect. 549 woorden meer


Dream Town: Crystal

Visited the lovely town of Crystal tonight! I loved all the pink and white flowers, and how it was all clearly laid out with a lovely path. 18 woorden meer


Duplicate amiibo cards!

So I asked on Discord if people wanted me to write a list of duplicate cards I have, and since people wanted this, here I am, writing my list! 58 woorden meer

Animal Crossing

I need help

So…It’s been a while since I posted my first blog because I was too lazy to get up and write stuff up and I can’t share much with you about the past few days because I forgot… Meh… 658 woorden meer


My Last Days of Freedom.


I hope that everyone has had a relaxing summer. As you know, school is starting back up and it’s time to start hustling again. Are you ready? 473 woorden meer


2017 Summer App Project - The Stalk Market

As my previous post (linked here) eluded, this is the second and main project I worked on during the latter half of my summer break from Virginia Tech. 798 woorden meer


Lessons from Animal Crossing

For those who may not know, I’m a fairly big Nintendo fan. I’ve been playing their video games since I was a toddler. I started with the Super Nintendo (I was born a little late for the original NES) and have played my way through nearly every console they have released up until the Wii U, which is the latest system that I own. 1.455 woorden meer