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ACNL: Quiet Days

Hi everyone! Not much has been going on in Acorn these past few days, but I made sure to play today and keep up with my villagers. 226 woorden meer


Downloads vs Revenue (Super Mario Run & Fire Emblem Heroes)

And just like that, Gacha has proven its worth once more!

Earlier on today it was revealed that Super Mario Run has nearly been downloaded… 333 woorden meer


Wii U Essentials: Nintendo Land

It’s easy to write off a pack-in bundle of minigames as being somehow “lesser” than full-scale titles. But the Wii U’s Nintendo Land was special — and in a different way from its spiritual predecessor Wii Sports. 1.550 woorden meer


Gameo - a gamer in the world of seo

I’m often known as ‘Ray’ across my forum The Sapling and the web. My name is Steven Ford, I am 26 years old, co-habiting and from Manchester in the UK. 94 woorden meer

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing Speedrunner Completes Game In One Day

A Twitch user named Coldeggman has managed to complete the original Animal Crossing for the GameCube in one day.

By completion, this means he has collected all items, found all bugs, fish, fossils and gyroids, along with upgrading his house and Tom Nook’s store. 107 woorden meer