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"Fantasy Life" Review: The Almighty World of Quests and Trying to Cast A Spell

Fantasy? Life? Should be a blast, right?

Oh, you’re in for a treat! My experiences were just looking around on Google for answers and trying to unlock Bliss points. 222 woorden meer


"Animal Crossing: New Leaf" -- Julian the Unicorn Moves Away

It has been a sad day in the city of Snazburg…

My villager Julian the Unicorn has moved away.

Sadness. (o.o)

Click Here┬áto read my other Animal Crossing: New Leaf Post or… 31 woorden meer


Entirely Random.

Well, I don’t have a place to start this story, any sort of storyline I want to follow, or really even an ending. All I’ve got is an idea for a device that might not even be in it. 540 woorden meer

Parade, Fireworks and Mosquitos

Did you enjoy your 4th of July celebration? Man, was yesterday bringing up some life lessons for me. It was drudging up old stuff that I thought I had let go of but I can happily say that I did the best that I could. 758 woorden meer

London, and the various happenings within


Hi, straight from….. my office! I didn’t want to bring my laptop to london with me and i have not had chance to write this post until today so it’s going up a little later than last time. 1.021 woorden meer

"Animal Crossing: New Leaf" -- How To Build A Successful Town

Ah, yes. The Nintendo classic, Animal Crossing. A pretty easy game, but VERY tedious. Always in debt, no passing of time, expensive items… Wait, how do you win this game again? 254 woorden meer