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Angels of Death - Episodes 13-15

Angel of Death is one of my favourite anime, so I have been waiting for it to build up. For those who do not know, it is about a girl who wakes up in a building and has to work her way through multiple floors of serial killers. 592 woorden meer

Final Thoughts: Re:Creators

Welcome, weebs and authors alike, to The Aniwriter. After my taking a little while to catch up on what all I’ve been missing when it comes to the world of anime and other personal hobbies, I’ve come to a conclusion: I’ve been missing a ton of good stuff, especially when it comes to anime. 917 woorden meer

Jack Scheibelein

Ms. Vampire Who Lives in my Neighbourhood - Episode 2

In this episode, there are two small stories.In the first one, Sophie and Akari go to a book signing for a light novel and the second, Akari has her friend over. 437 woorden meer

My 10 favorite pre-90s anime movies

Everybody had that show or movie that got them into anime, but for most people I find their interest in our medium stems from either the anime boom of the 90s or a semi-recent show from the 2000s or 2010s. 2.721 woorden meer


Made in Abyss Episode One Reaction

Welcome, weebs and authors alike, to The Aniwriter

I think if there was one show that truly defined anime in 2017, other than My Hero Academia, it would be Made in Abyss. 466 woorden meer

Jack Scheibelein

Guess who's back? Brotherhood of the World Award II

I just posted a similar post like this a few months ago and I got a notification, to my surprise, being tagged again! Thank you for the nomination and you know who you are, take a read if your interested on seeing my answers! 915 woorden meer


Ms. Vampire Who Lives in my Neighbourhood - Episode One

Ms. Vampire Who Lives in my Neighbourhood is a manga turned anime, which has just been released this season. I have had a lot of anime to work through so far so I have only just got to this one. 417 woorden meer