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Black Infliction

You see the wounds on me
You look at me like a painting that you pass in the hall
You keep walking away from me… 245 woorden meer


The Accidental Creation of A Slime Nation

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 15 Review

Rimuru is remaining very much a character that plot just happens to. He died because the plot killed him off and was reborn for the same reason. 542 woorden meer


First Look: The Magnificent Kotobuki

Alternative title: Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai, The Other Anime with Girls and Planes this Season
Anime original by Gemba
Streaming on Hidive


The Kotobuki Squadron are mercenary pilots for hire, flying their Hayabusa fighters in a vaguely apocalyptic frontier. 337 woorden meer


Top 10 Best Anime Eyebrows of Fall 2018: That's Right, I'm Still Writing This Shit!

Well, well, well. Another season has ended, which means I’m contractually obligated to post another eyebrow countdown. Just like with every other anime season, I’ve completely neglected to cover anything as it aired…BUT, I did take note of some sexy, sexy eyebrows. 1.263 woorden meer


I Cry Every Time: Persona 3 - A and S

This post is part of a Pastime Zone series called “I Cry Every Time”, or ICET (Ice-Tea) for short. The goal of this series is to highlight scenes in various media that have caused me to cry, weep, bawl, or shed a lone tear in response to an emotional state brought upon by the scene (not by any physical pain or irritation to my eyes). 820 woorden meer


[/r/anime Awards 2018] Public Voting Day 8: Comedic Main Character

Welcome to the Comedic Main Character Category Community Poll for the 2018 /r/Anime Awards!! This is the eighth in a series of polls where you will decide the best anime of the year in a variety of different categories. 414 woorden meer