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Day 154: "You're Presidential!" Thursday May 9th

“iPhone 4 is cooler cause you can speak to it and it does what you say,” Ramsey stated as he climbed over the middle seat to the third row. 370 woorden meer


52 Days: My last Fling before the Ring!

I have the best friends :)

This weekend, we celebrated my bachelorette weekend and it was awesome! We were pampered, we partied and we ATE! I loved finally having a weekend to hang out with my friends. 203 woorden meer


Day 153: "Ting-tang-walla-walla-bing-bang!" Wednesday May 8th

The bright spring sunshine warmed the morning as Bailey carefully loaded his “Port of Norfolk” history project into the back of the Dude Bus.

Munching sounds followed Ramsey as he enjoyed a breakfast of fruit snacks on the run. 480 woorden meer


Day 152: "Wow! That's a lot of chicks!" Tuesday May 7th

“Why did you put on your blinker?” Ramsey inquired as Dude turned right to circle the park in front of Jack’s house.

“For safety reasons,” Dude answered. 354 woorden meer


Descendant of Edward Bangs, Pilgrim

Many of us wish we had ancestors that came to America aboard the Mayflower in 1620. Despite my best attempts, I’ve yet to find any connection to that famous voyage. 496 woorden meer


Day 151: St. Pat's Father-Daughter Dance! Monday May 6th

A chill tinted the cloudy wet May morning.

“How hot can it get Dude?”

“It can burn you out!” Dude replied as he touted the car heater’s abilities. 234 woorden meer