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Notions #4 – Meeting Death with Curiosity

Some notions, every week. Here are some:

Objectivity is Impossible

I’m back at uni now finishing my journalism degree but this semester, the only unit I have is an anthropology elective: Anthropology of Witch-Hunts. 484 woorden meer


FDNY @ St. Patrick's Day Parade

A bit of a donnybrook is playing out in the FDNY as progressive politicians seek to fill the ranks with greater numbers of women and people of color — lowering standards in some cases to do so — thereby jeopardizing public safety. 80 woorden meer

New York City

Life is an oddity

I recall at an early age lying in bed struck by the oddness of existence. The first stark and disturbing contrast was the realization that I was, and this seemed a highly unlikely  condition, a long shot…not being was far more common, likely and probable. 112 woorden meer


Theories of Our Brain Shrinkage

In the last 10,000 to 20,000 years, the anthropologists found that our brain has been shrinking.

There are theories on this. One possibility is that we are smaller body size. 183 woorden meer

Anthropology Tablescape Class: Bundt Cakes and Endless Flowers

I wanted to try something different and heard from a coworker that the popular clothing store, Anthropology was offering classes is select stores. I am lucky enough to live near one of the locations, which is Fashion Island Mall in Newport Beach. 565 woorden meer


Cultural Evolution

I’ve been interested in how disciplines can bridge the gap between the social and natural sciences as for example between  Social/Cultural and Biological/Physical Anthropology.

An interesting emerging field I’ve stumbled upon is the field of (socio-) 311 woorden meer


Embalmed and Largely Overlooked

Animal mummies

In many religions, past and present, admiration to the extent of idolatry of certain species of animals is commonplace. Little wonder then, that special burial rites evolved to pay homage to the holy or otherwise revered animals and in the USA and many countries elsewhere too, there are nowadays graveyards especially for pets and often proper funeral services. 561 woorden meer