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Tip: Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

Zelf had ik geen idee wat een glyptotek was, maar dat is dus het Griekse woord  voor kunstopslag. In het Deens is het bija niet uit te spreken, trouwens, omdat ze er ook nog “et” achter plakken. 178 woorden meer


Who defines the rules for a strong composition?

Do rules apply here?

Who cares!

It’s just a blog, viewed/liked by a few dozen.


I continue doing what I like.

Do you too?


Made from pure gold

Tip! – During post-processing, you can turn the color temperature a bit warmer so that rather cold items will get a golden shine.

Here I also added contrast to get deep saturated colors to get a strong warm-cold effect… 7 woorden meer


Reflecting the reflection @ Kö-Bogen Düsseldorf 3x

Does it happen also to you that you get fascinated about reflections. By taking a slightly different position, it will change the composition completely.

Please join my fascination with these 3 pictures of this art object at the Kö-Bogen in Düsseldorf. 12 woorden meer