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Urban Photo 24

This shot of a chest-of-drawers-like building has been taken in Livorno, Piazza Attis/Via Marradi, December 2018.

Marco Bigliazzi

art that i did for halloween! this is my character, mick!


Experiment | Tape Art

It started with several colorful mask tapes. I didn’t know what exactly I could do with them, I just wanted to try different materials to make dolls. 1.045 woorden meer



I find myself at this altar again
Saving up my tears for a sacrifice
And I ask the gods to let me be free
Of the aching bones and heavy heart… 146 woorden meer



~ a short story

Again, she whisked herself away on the words of another. Her tears drying, her mind flying, she escaped once more.

~ 1.053 woorden meer