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Afrofuturist Journeys in Art, Computation & Digital Fabrication

As the Mandeville Gallery show wrapped, I thought about the first six months (of 2018) and the discoveries I’ve made as a researcher/scholar, educator and artist. 784 woorden meer


Guest Post: ‘The Artist in Fiction’ by Arthur D. Hittner, author of Artist, Soldier, Lover, Muse

It’s so frustrating when authors contact you about fascinating sounding books and you know because of your already huge review pile it’s going to be quite a while until you can get to read them.  1.534 woorden meer


Writing Topic: Foreshadowing, or Why Does Stuff Happen in a Story?

  • by Gitabushi

A few weeks ago I wrote “Economies of Scale”, a fairy tale.  One thing I wanted to do in that story was make the main character encounter a series of obstacles, overcome them in his path to achieving his goal, and even have some of those obstacles actually contribute to achieving that goal.  778 woorden meer


Seventh Heaven

Find your happy place . . . don’t just dream.

Mixed-media collage with vintage and printed papers on wood box.
5.75″ x 5.25″

Pamela Towns

New Logo

A logo I created for The Sharing Shanty. ^_^


I Watched

Written by Jacob Ibrag

Who are the You’s, the streaming singers of truth? I

placed my ears in their hands and listened. I watched as the… 153 woorden meer


Two paths... 

” Numerical symbols aligned with themselves, multiplying;

Ants creating a pathway through a journal,

Sky birds intertwined, out for a walk

Is it synchronicity or a visible connotation of a constant music, … 185 woorden meer