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week 432 ~ with audacity

with audacity
made bold by anger
we will remain free
with audacity
knowing it’s time we
speak truth to power
with audacity
made bold by anger


A Ramble About Making Podcasts

​I’ve been incredibly interested, since day one of knowing that such things existed, of making a Podcast. I’ve even done it, multiple times. Usually with pal and cohort in crime, Bob. 1.196 woorden meer

Beginning Again

Life has its ups and downs. As I was approaching age forty, having lost my job, most of our net worth, and much of my industry reputation, it was time to begin again. 336 woorden meer


One America, Two Different Worlds (Jonathan Chiat Edition)

First in what promises to be a long-running series

It’s news to no one that liberals and conservatives in this great land of ours live in parallel universes. 319 woorden meer

Tips for improving AUDIO for Youtube

I wrote last week about Putting The Work Into Youtube and one of the key points I stated was just how important audio is to the overall quality of the video. 523 woorden meer


Basic Vocal Editing With Audacity - ASMR

We have all been confused at some point by the countless options of a new DAW (digital audio workstation). My job today is to help you configure and comprehend the tools given to you so you can improve your audio. 531 woorden meer