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Sermon on Human Flourishing

 In telling the story of his awakening Confucius said, and I paraphrase, “At 15, I set my heart on learning.  At 30, I planted my feet firmly in day to day living.  1.046 woorden meer


Living With AUDACITY

Hey! Watch it, you are just one step away from hitting real gold.

This new book will be my gift to anyone I know.

Grab yours here >>> … 212 woorden meer


Spiritual Audacity radio interview

Next Thursday August 17, 2017  from 3 pm to 3:58 pm Eleanor LcCain will interview me about my new book SPIRITUAL AUDACITY: Six Disciplines of Human Flourishing… 65 woorden meer


Rifts Animated Short is up on YouTube

Character art and UI graphics for this was done in Inkscape, backgrounds done in Krita.  Sound effects and music compiled in Audacity.  Put together in Construct 2 (under 30 events).   68 woorden meer


Work-space Upgrade

As I said, I realized I wouldn’t be travelling and performing as I had originally planned in 2017. My Business Advisor at Community Futures suggested I create a Plan B. 127 woorden meer

Droppiing Pennies

Oil and Forex Trading Update II

Not sure what was more challenging last week – back-testing the trading strategies or completing 100 miles on my hybrid bike (along with 30,000 other keen Londoners!) on the Prudential100 charity ride. 757 woorden meer

Trend-Following Strategy

Record Commentary With Your Phone

Can’t afford a microphone,  but want to do commentaries? This post is for you.

In this video, I show you how you can record your voice with your phone and edit the audio in audacity. 18 woorden meer

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