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Let It Be Me Everly Brothers Cover

I think it sounds better now that A) It’s on an acoustic and B) It’s in the proper key, lol. Apologies once more to the Everly Brothers #SorryICantSing


Remix video 1 - Rose edit

For this video I focused on the one image which was a timelapse of a rose wilting.
For me this first image was very much about the editing and less to do with the product. 258 woorden meer


Sorry I Can't Sing


However, I did want to test out the Audacity program with my AT2020 + Yamaha Guitalele  on Windows 10. Apologies to the Everly Brothers for butchering their classic, but at least I know that the equipment still works on a new OS, lol?


Tech Thursday: Reel to Reel Digital Preservation

Many collections in the Woodson contain open-reel tape recordings, but we unfortunately lacked the means to listen to them. These recordings languished for years, slowly disintegrating, but all of that is about to change. 274 woorden meer

Rice University

feeling audacity

left in a  pool

of  cool water

and nothing was a message

and yet everything

wanted to be a tone

and how it all felt so warmly… 46 woorden meer



This last week, I read “Hacking Your Education” by Dale Stephens. I had come across his name from researching alternatives to four year college programs. I stumbled upon uncollege.org, which was founded by Dale. 365 woorden meer


Hot Topic

Marriage and more specifically gay marriage is a hot topic these days.  There’s a movie out that is also a hot topic.  The movie is called Audacity (not to be confused with the audio program of the same name)  If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I highly recommend it to you.  Have a look.

Gay Marriage