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The Bullet Animation - All Together Now

Let me go back to where these updated began: As an independent author, it is up to me to organise any form of marketing or promoting of my books. 677 woorden meer


Hitting "restart" like it's going out of style. Also, an inaugural mixtape.

After mucking about and having existential crises along the way, I finally decided to reboot this site. Yea I know, it deserves a better fate than this, but there you have it; I present to you inpolitecompany 2.0 in all its glory.  182 woorden meer



I have a dream- a dream to be an ambitious globetrotter. Meeting new faces, residing under different forms of shelter and my mouths tête-à-tête with different delicacies,I just love it- I love the feeling of being unknown, stranger in the world. 624 woorden meer


The Sandwich

He didn’t so much eat the sandwich as fall into it. An architectural wonder of a sandwich it was, layers of meat and cheese and those expensive sprouts you get at the Whole Foods stacked primly yet precariously one after the other, like magic, like wonderful, luscious stratigraphy. 178 woorden meer


UDI271: Audacity Is Way Better Than GoldWave

I recently did some voice work for a friend, which led to the purchase of a super-fancy Blue Yeti microphone. (The $25 gaming headset from Radio Shack is gone! 509 woorden meer

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I was tempted to tell him to “google it up”, then I thought perhaps I should tell him one of my favorite lessons of the Buddha – a novice asks a master the key to everything. 31 woorden meer

Tim Cloyd

The Dualities of Leadership - Duality Number One

Reading through the literature especially Harvard’s publication The Handbook of Leadership Theory and Practice we discover about five to seven key dualities in scholarship on leadership. 124 woorden meer

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