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Microphone Testing #1

This is the first microphone that I am going to be testing for recording, and the microphone that I am going to be using is the Blue Yeti. 218 woorden meer

Sound / Audio

3D South Park TV Animation

This is the final outcome of work which has been put together using work that has already been posted on my blog. It includes 2D images that I made using Adobe Photoshop such as the character, a sound clip which was manipulated in Audacity to make it sound more like a South Park character, my custom 3D television which I also tried to format in a South Park style using Autodesk Maya and then finally Premiere Pro which was used to create the animation and render the scene. 104 woorden meer

Computer Game Development

My First Audacity Sound

As part of the Premiere Pro animation task I also had to learn to manipulate sound to change my characters voice. I took a line from Family Guy that Stewie says and changed the pitch of it to give it more of a South Park style sound. 82 woorden meer

Computer Game Development

Catatan 43 : Tutorial Membuat Audio Content Sederhana dengan Audacity


Salam Komunitas, berikut ini penulis akan membuat tutorial sederhana membuat audio content dengan audacity. Bagi penggiat radio komunitas, keterbatasan bukanlah sebuah masalah untuk berkiprah dan berguna bagi komunitas maupun lingkungan kita, terutama memberikan informasi, hiburan dan program yang bermanfaat. 54 woorden meer


The Rift Finally Opened

It happened by mistake. Eons had gone, with countless prayers turning to rituals, to practices, theories and experiments. They built the smartest machines to analyze, predict and reproduce what they thought was a single, unique occurrence. 51 woorden meer


How to Databend an Image using Audacity. (Sonification)

I am a huge how- to person. Being a sound artist in a school with basically no sound/ new media studios I have taught my self a lot with how- to’s and online tutorials. 283 woorden meer