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Record Audio From Computer's Internal Speakers

Here’s how you can record any online music, a music from a website, or anything playing on your computer’s desktop or a laptop’s internal speakers as MP3 file; 177 woorden meer



What is a hero?  According to the dictionary a hero is:

a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. 639 woorden meer


Looking for a good cheap DeEsser?

I sure was. While i’m usually recording full playthroughs without any commentary, i just needed a simple DeEsser for the few times i wanted my voice to grace a video. 163 woorden meer

Kolkata New Year's Day

I have always loved the Upanishads and was rereading them on my flight to India.  I arrived in Kolkata on New Year’s Eve 2015 to join our group of pilgrims.  495 woorden meer


Working on the music.

I have been away from music composition for so long that I am super rusty. I am having a heck of a time coming up with expressions for what I am visualizing on the film. 94 woorden meer

3D Animation

Software gratuito para o dia a dia!

Software de Produtividade

LibreOffice – para quem não pode/quer usar o Office da Microsoft

Editor de fotografia

GIMP–  ferramenta para edição de imagens open source e considerada por muitos como uma alternativa credível às populares ferramentas comerciais (ex. 149 woorden meer

Dia A Dia

Wishing the Family a Sinusoidal Christmas

When it’s time to put together the annual Christmas card, most families take a few pictures of the kids, slap on a generic greeting, and call it a day. 457 woorden meer

3d Printer Hacks