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Genzyme's IPO

I was determined to take this company public as its CFO. Of course the complexity of our accounting was well beyond me. It required an understanding of American Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), American financial and tax accounting, as well as English financial and tax accounting, and emerging biotechnology financial and accounting standards. 665 woorden meer


β€˜I Had Nothing to Do With That!’ Obama Dodges Blame For Skyrocketing Premiums - Breitbart









You wanna sit there bathed in such audacity,

you wanna slap my face and kick out my teeth,

you wear some shitty robe and sit in judgement of me, 173 woorden meer

Americana Injustica

How to plan shows with a busy entertainment schedule

I strive toΒ plan my shows ahead of time so I can rehearse when I have small moments here and there and so I’m not rushing in the end. 1.066 woorden meer

Life As An Impersonator, Performing Artist Stories, Educating Entertainers

Audio Editing

When I first started using Audacity, I had a difficult time figuring out exactly how to use it. After some repetition and trial and error, it became a lot easier to use. 203 woorden meer


Disruptive Sounds Experiments

As I’ve almost finished working on the visuals, I’m now experimenting with the audio. A challenging and daunting task ahead of me. After editing and assembling a few selected animated sequences, I tried to imagine the audio first while analyzing the moving image. 339 woorden meer


Audacity Analysis + Channel Awesome Analysis

For the audacity assignment I really learned what a fickle tool it can be. I was so annoyed that you must make sure the audio is not playing at all before you can edit something. 261 woorden meer