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Check- In

Hey guys! This is just a check in post to kind of review how my blog has been since I started running it about three months ago. 190 woorden meer


DIY: Combining Tracks

If you’re editing and have some things set in stone that you know you’re going to keep paired together, such as the timing of a sound effect and music, but you want to keep editing around it, you might not want those clips to get mis-aligned. 109 woorden meer

DIY: Censoring Words in a Track

This is a very rudimentary method but I tried really hard and it gets the job done, so bear with me. If you need to censor a word, this is what you do: 126 woorden meer

Digital Storytelling Storyboard and Video


This is an example of a digital story I created for high school students to introduce the concept of including sensory details in narrative writing.  The storyboard was completed in PowerPoint as part of the planning process.   15 woorden meer


A podcast is an audio file that can be downloaded from the internet and can be listened to on most technological devices. In 2004 the… 723 woorden meer

Final Reflection

Final reflection

The advancement of information and communication technology (ICT) has permeated culture, and we live in a global knowledge-based society reliant on technologies in distinctive domains of our lives: This is especially apparent for students who have grown-up socialised by technology. 492 woorden meer

Digital World

Max 7 Interactive Installation Idea

This interactive installation will use a motion capture camera and a large video screen. It plays on sound, image clarity, and scale using a daisy in a field. 625 woorden meer