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Attention Attention! It's Commercial Time

Hello Everyone! For this assignment we were instructed to create a commercial for our blogs. I honestly had no idea what to expect for the process. 460 woorden meer


How To: Get Started With Transcription


This article is the second in a three-part series on methods for song analysis. The article describes my approach for transcribing music from audio to score, the equipment I use and some of the challenges involved in the process. 2.032 woorden meer


Final Check In

For the space horror game I designed a multi tool and storage bins. Along with that I also edited some of the sounds along with Peter for the game as well.

Non-Time Based

Harry Dresden

Now this is a wizard. From knocking a werewolf across Chicago with Play-Doh, to stealing all the souvenirs from the Crucifixion out of a treasure room in Hell, to murdering all the vampires in the world, to making a zombie from the fossilized remains of Sue the Tyrannosaurus Rex, this is a guy who keeps finding new ways to say yes to the question: Is what I’m planning going to be awesome? 4.9/5


Asset Design for Sweet Swords VR

Sound Design/editing-

Made with the Assistance of Kasey Hall, Dereke Winsor, Tyler Sudyn and Aidan Wilson


Health Bar-


Also worked on the sound editing for the VR Horror/Puzzle game.

Non-Time Based


I just sent a rough draft of my second book, SPIRITUAL PILGRIM: Lessons from Mystic Journeys with Five Faiths, to my favorite editor to begin the process of polishing it.  58 woorden meer