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Ray Comfort, Moral Relativity, and Why His Good Intentions Aren't Helping Anyone

I recently watched Ray Comfort’s latest film, Audacity. For those who do not know, he is a Creationist debater and conservative Christian who once tried to argue that bananas are proof of God because they are so well-designed for humans.[1] He is a confrontational type of Christian who likes to go up to people and attempt to use logic and debate skills to get them to convert to Christianity. 2.886 woorden meer


Physik-Kl7: Aaaaa Eeeee Iiiiiie Ooooo Uuuuu

Im Unterricht habe ich in deiner Klasse und einer Parallelklasse das gleiche Experiment durchgeführt: Wir haben die Schwingungsbilder der Vokale untersucht.

Ich habe beide Ergebnisse in ein Audacity-Projekt kopiert, so dass ihr zu jedem der Vokale die zwei Schwingungsbilder findet. 25 woorden meer


Post-Cinema: 24fps@44100Hz

Finished my latest piece, “Post-Cinema: 24fps@44100Hz”
(Acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 24″)
The painting will have an animated, augmented reality overlay when scanned with a smartphone or similar device. 21 woorden meer

A Piece A Day

Happiness deserves you.

Okay guys, here’s another one for the road. Because you deserve to be happyReally.

This one took a while longer than I hoped it would take, mainly because I was trying to find the right sounds to fit the mood (or at least how I feel at the moment). 260 woorden meer


'SHE'-The Audacious

She was fooled the next day she was married .She was betrayed by her so called husband who was ruthless on her. Still she gulped down all the tantrums and torturing of her husband.

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The Lady of Shalott and I | Story #2

In 1983 I began teaching theology at a seminary in the Philadelphia area. Though my office was small, it had a window and built-in bookshelves on almost every wall.  579 woorden meer

Spiritual Formation

apple-pie order

Some people can’t get others to help them put things in apple-pie order because the others think they have too much crust.