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Canciones para un viaje

Cada una de las canciones que incluí en mi mezcla son canciones que aparecen en películas (Soundtracks). Este tipo de canciones me inspiran a querer hacer algo que me guste a mí y a los demás. 59 woorden meer

Spamocalypse Voice demo

I spent the weekend messing around with Audacity to create some voice lines for the Moderators in Spamocalypse. Here’s the interim results:

Here’s how I did this. 129 woorden meer

Game Development

World Tour

Work had become crazy stressful. Bain’s German office turned out to be far more successful and profitable than anyone had expected resulting in the Bain senior partners refusing to let the European partners be paid so much more than them. 804 woorden meer


Becoming an Online Instructor

Everybody’s path towards achieving a goal is different, but in order to give you an example of what it takes to become an online instructor, I will share what I did to become an e-instructor and the steps I took to get there. 819 woorden meer

Online Learning

Audacity by Melanie Crowder

Just, like, wow. Holy crap.

For a book all about the power of words, I sure have been left with very few.

Short Summary for yous who haven’t read it (but totally should): this is a historical fiction novel in verse about Clara Lemlich, a Jewish immigrant working in Shirtwaist factories during the 1900s, who becomes very active in strikes and worker’s unions for women in these factories. 265 woorden meer