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The Internet and the Web

How they Work and Where the Hell is That File?

Directory Structure

In order to understand the Internet and the world wide web, one must first understand and be able to navigate their own computer. 1.264 woorden meer


Don't Forget to Set Audacity Back to MME

Hello! This is a short post about Audacity on Windows, but hopefully one that helps anyone who is finding that the audio they export from Audacity is just a few fractions of a second longer than what Audacity had you believe when editing it. 240 woorden meer


Faith and the Journey, Redemption meets a Weary Soul

A number of careless things have happened in my life. I have begun applications and not finished them, I have let my checkbook catch dust on the shelf. 163 woorden meer

Adding Sound to the game

The sound design wasn’t the main problem for my development, this was probably the most straight forward process of the whole game development. I decided to have 3 different types of background sounds in my levels. 231 woorden meer

Individual Design And Development Project

Hidden Sunrise

Traveling in the high Himalayas is as remarkable for what is seen as for what remains unseen.¬† This is a magical and obscure place which continually challenges one’s faith and imagination. 334 woorden meer


Assignment: Podcast

Here is the assignment sheet we wrote for our podcast assignment. In our classes, this was the fourth high-stakes assignment, following the research proposal, image archive, and video PSA. 133 woorden meer


Podcast: The effectiveness of ePortfolios in ENG102

Dom and Maggie created this first podcast episode as an example for our students. We recorded it directly in Audacity¬†using the built-in mic on Dom’s Mac. 79 woorden meer