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Birthday Bonanza, Part 8 - Summing It All Up!

Good evening, all.

This is the final post in my series outlining how investing $1,000 can set your child up for life.

If you missed any part of this series, or just want to go over it from the beginning, click… 295 woorden meer

Expectations of my children

It feels like in this world, it can be so easy to get lost in what we perceive other’s expectations of us to be. A lot of wasted time, energy and anxiety can result when we are chasing down a vision of success we have imposed on ourselves without warrant or legitimate basis. 381 woorden meer


Please drive safely..

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story in you

– Maya Angelou

“11th May 2017 Please drive safely”.. that is what the ticket barrier said.

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Home Remedies for the Baby Cold

When you have a toddler, I don’t think that anything is worse than flu season. The first winter that my kid was in daycare I think he honestly spent more time at home than he did in school. 969 woorden meer

The Time to Listen is When Someone Needs to be Heard

I had seen one of your kind one time, walking, in the Folsom Historical District. It was a male with black hair, very handsome, and set apart from everything around him. 2.163 woorden meer


A Little Girl Who Prayed

I love seeing God work. It never gets old. I love seeing it in other people and in our own little family. I especially love seeing God work in our children. 543 woorden meer

My Life


Always thank God for all that you have. You may be feeling stuck but he will not leave you. He is always working in the background. 9 woorden meer