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Sensory overload

Twilight passes quickly here

in the rose colored world where I live.

Daily rhythm


laundry machine

-fingers tapping keys –

And the smooth, vibrato sound of molasses dripping from a muted horn. 107 woorden meer


Some Historic Music Collection by Woozy Viper

We are all found of music and have different taste for music depending upon are liking. Also we love to gather a collection of some golden music for all time. 536 woorden meer


“Under The Sea”

Fun at Taco Surf in Surfside, California.

Yea, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted here on good ol’ WordPress.

That will change.

I’ll start sharing here again. 21 woorden meer

Steel Drum Band

Interview Intergalactic Lovers: "To put things in perpective is a good way to survive in life"

Belgian indie-rock band Intergalactic Lovers dropped their long awaited third album Exhale in September and they are currently on the road to promote the hell out of it! 1.148 woorden meer


Students collaborate to create the annual Thanksgiving Prayer Service

By J1 Reporter Kaji Loro

The Marian Mime Troupe act out Genesis 22 for their annual Thanksgiving performance. Photo by Anna Kilzer.

The entire school is gathered in the gym as the Acapella Club harmonizes in their rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror.” It’s two days before Thanksgiving and Anna Kolterman ’94 has the opportunity to watch what the Faith in Action Team (FIAT) has been planning for weeks: the annual Thanksgiving Prayer Service. 353 woorden meer

Online Exclusives

The Blend - Don't Waste My Time



World famous band Blondie seem to have been so impressed by The Blend’s video for ‘Don’t Waste My Time’ 907 woorden meer

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