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A Day Without Music

One day. That’s all I ask. One day for us to recognize how much we’ve come to depend on and simultaneously disregard music. And to think about life without it. 1.337 woorden meer

American Culture


Kembali dengan formasi lengkap, Black Rawk Dog rilis “Suburban’s Folk Stories”

Sekilas jika kita mendengar kata Celtic Punk, akan langsung tertuju pada beberapa band. Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys atau mungkin The Pogues. 285 woorden meer



Genre Metalcore mungkin sudah tidak asing lagi di telinga para pecinta musik cadas. Ya…genre yang merupakan turunan dari jenis musik Hardcore tersebut lebih identik dengan  vocal Growl , scream. 291 woorden meer


Band Practice

Yesterday I was called upon to play in a band.

No, this wasn’t Example A from middle school. We didn’t exactly sound like Almost Relentless… 334 woorden meer


With each beat of the drum and every whack of the sticks, Aria and Rae have fun playing the drums. They are also learning to count each beat and learning the concept of numbers.

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wow, everyone around me is getting sick now. i had a 40 C fever this weekend but it got better now so i had to go to school. 119 woorden meer

Daily Journal

Need Some J-Music Suggestions?

Ever since I got back into anime about a year ago, I started to become very much interested in the musical side of it such as the openings, endings and soundtracks. 1.430 woorden meer