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The Beatles Scroll

My scroll starts with an ‘okay’ portrait of John Lennon.

and I realize I must stick to lettering!

oh yes, and I just learnt that it’s… 13 woorden meer


While My Guitar Gently Weeps

This video is a beautiful tribute to George Harrison and the Beatles. When I listened to this song recently (after many years) I was amazed with the words. 201 woorden meer

March 27

Today I did I silly thing,
and the answer I got was:

Here comes the sun.
It’s been a long cold

lonely winter.  And how. 62 woorden meer

Visual & Sound

This post is my collaboration with my friend, Linh. Check out her blog on music and advertising. Also, pardon us for blogging about Christmas in the middle of Spring. 882 woorden meer

ATEC 2321

Film Review: "Danny Collins" (2015) ★★★★

Music. Fame. Drugs. Nonstop concerts and shows around the world. But what if one day you wake up and realize that the last forty years of your life were about nothing and all that it has left you is incredibly tired? 562 woorden meer

Great Films


Ringo Starr believes the Beatles would have reunited if only all four of them had discussed it together – instead of only talking in pairs. 189 woorden meer


Early Memories - The Beatles - I wanna hold your hand

Some memories stick and I don’t understand why.  Oftentimes I stop, and try to take whatever I am experiencing, and make it stick, make it soak into my memory bank for future recollection. 188 woorden meer

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