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It’s been a year since a lock of hair brought $35,000 at auction. The four-inch long swatch of hair was snipped from Beatle John Lennon’s head in Hamburg, Germany in 1966 by barber Klaus Baruck. 575 woorden meer


Throwback song of the day

1970 again. The year that The Beatles broke up. Here is the title track from their last released album “Let It Be”. Butchered in the opinion of many by producer Phil Spector, they filmed the recording of the album, and shelved the release of the album. 25 woorden meer


#163: For You Blue

Since George Harrison is my favorite Beatle, I probably subconsciously grade some of his songs on a curve. (But not all of them.) If “For You Blue” hadn’t been one of the allotted two Harrisongs on… 293 woorden meer

Beatles Ranking

Abbey Road

When I was in high school I prided myself on being one of those people who was pretty normal. I wasn’t trying to be cool by any means. 3.206 woorden meer



via Daily Prompt: Compromise

Com = with, promise = agreement, arrangement.

The art of working together towards and agreement. I’ve come across articles that suggest it is wrong to compromise, that you should stick to your guns and never give in. 241 woorden meer



Few things stimulate me like drums. When I’m watching a parade and I hear a marching band coming down the street, I thrill with anticipation. When I was in high school the drum line would be playing during a football rally in the auditorium, and then they’d kill all the lights except for a strobe. 884 woorden meer