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Can't Afford Advertising or Just Struggling With Your Blog In General...? It's Okay, We'll Make It Happen For You! (For Beauty, Book, Writing Bloggers & More!)

Here’s what we’re doing for you guys! We’ll advertise anyone’s blog who needs it! The cost…? How about free?! Yep, absolutely free! I’ve been where you’ve all been, walked in the same shoes you all have, and struggled to launch a successful blog, only I failed more than 7 times until I finally got it right on the eighth try!  301 woorden meer


Here's How Your Brain "Sees" A Business or Blog's Logo -Infographic (For Book, Beauty, Writing Bloggers & More)

There’s a lot more going on in your brain when you spot McDonald’s golden arch or Nike’s signature swoosh. In 400 milliseconds, a logo can trigger emotional responses and even behavioral change.  24 woorden meer


6 Things True Leaders Do (For Beauty, Writing, Book Bloggers & More)

Below are six strategies for making the transition from doer to true leader.

1.  Define what success looks like for your team and shar… 358 woorden meer


6 Signs That You're Not Cut Out for Entrepreneurship (For Fashion, Travel, Beauty Entrepreneurs & More)

1. You don’t like to work hard.

Entrepreneurship is about hard work. It’s about facing indecision, insecurity, instability and borderline insanity.

There’s nothing really pleasant… 874 woorden meer


10 Essentials To Becoming A Millionaire in your 20's (For Fashion, Beauty, Book Bloggers & More!)

1. College and graduate school are irrelevant.

If your number one goal is to become a millionaire, not to hold a specific type of job, then college and graduate school are pretty much irrelevant. 803 woorden meer


9 Things You Can Do To Become A More Successful You (For Travel, Book, Beauty Bloggers & More!)

1. Decide what is important and why.

What is your motivation for wanting to develop a new habit? Will it improve your life? Envision the outcome if you don’t make the change. 597 woorden meer


It's Never too Late to Change Who You Are. Here Are 7 Ways You Can Turn Your Life Around Today (For Beauty, Travel, Writing Bloggers & More!)

1. Develop a strong work ethic.

In terms of building a successful career, work ethic trumps everything. What that means is doing your job and getting it done come hell or high water. 497 woorden meer