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We have a society saying that hitting a girl, woman, or female is wrong.

We are trying to get the concept into the minds of our children.  481 woorden meer

Gloria Borger asked vice president Biden about his son's cancer.

I am a cancer survival who took over his treatment from government to save his life and presented his case study at the University of Berlin (Humboldt). 452 woorden meer

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hil risks getting bidden to make a run by saying he proably won't due to his family still has not said

and thus risking even as dems now say that  his family is the main reason that now bidden will not get into the race at all that he and his family don’t have the fire and soul right now to go through a presidental bid. 61 woorden meer

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vp bidden says in two months he will reveal if hil and barry may make the race for the nom a three way

and while the repubs like christie finaly make it official trying for the repubs nom for president. on the dems side hilary and berrny could wind up with their little one on one winding up getting a little more crowded as vp bidden says he will but not till august reveal if as some thought he might before hiliary finaly said she was running that bidden would be in the race for the nom to try and succeed obama.though given how he just lost his son to brain cancer most would not be surprised if he vowed out and not wind up making the dem field one closer to matching the repub field for the nom as bidden revealing he will officaly say if hiliary and barny may have to fight him too for the dem nom.

News And Politics

Carl Jung on Individuation and be "Bidden" to ones "Vocation."

What is it, in the end, that induces a man to go his own way and to rise out of unconscious identity with the mass as out of a swathing mist? 809 woorden meer


Bidden brengt je hart tot rust - Elizabeth George

‘Trouwe Heere, omdat U vandaag naast me gaat, kan ik iedere situatie aan met een rustig hart. En morgen zal ik weer op U vertrouwen’. 139 woorden meer

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