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Black Nurse Accuses a White Tennessee Sheriff's Deputy of Racial Profiling After She Was Repeatedly Questioned During a Home Visit with a Patient When Someone Reported a Suspicious Person in the Neighborhood

A black Tennessee nurse has accused a sheriff’s deputy of being racist after she was questioned during a home visit with a white patient when somebody reported a suspicious person in the neighborhood. 499 woorden meer


Citrine Macrame Bracelets!

Citrine is said to attract wealth and boost motivation and positivity! Well I can certainly use a little bit more of all that in life – can you relate? 33 woorden meer


Skin Color -- Is it Black, Brown, African American, or Person of Color?

Let’s talk skin color. There are so many different shades of human skin.

What happens when you have to articulate someone’s skin color, but aren’t sure which word to use? 417 woorden meer


Black Music Teacher Sparks Outrage by Trying to Ban His Students From Having 'Large Afros and Other Outlandish Hairstyles' at a School Concert in Ohio

A teacher was criticized for circulating a letter warning students against having ‘large Afros or other outlandish’ hairstyles for an upcoming music performance. 626 woorden meer


Asking Someone About Racial Identity -- It IS okay to do so

When it is necessary to describe one’s skin color, meaning that in doing so will more accurately portray the story or that it plays an intricate role in the story, it can often become a big question mark. 367 woorden meer