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Feels odd being here this morning, at the winery. 

Had last two days off and was on campus all day yesterday.  But I snap myself out of it.  I get back into character.  Taking pictures of everything, even the cubes in cubicle-ville.  127 woorden meer


Allow me to drop the anchor of my sail permanently in the ocean of your soul. Let me be the permanent resident in your heart. Lets just find our home in one another.

It's 2018?! My Amalfi Adventure and Reality Countdown......


It has been a while.

I apologise to you all, but mostly to myself for being the biggest procrastinator the past year. We all are lazy at keeping up with our goals.  377 woorden meer


Letting Her Son Define Himself

Laurin’s husband was an activist. Her son chose to be brave in his own way.

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New York Times

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Health Workers Who Oppose Abortion Get New Protections

The Trump administration announced a new “conscience and religious freedom” office to protect health workers who oppose abortion, sex-changes and some contraception.

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Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Why I’m Ambivalent About Chelsea Manning

I don’t think she’s the perfect candidate. But I’m inspired by her willingness to fight back.

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