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Say It In Latin, Nemo Me Impune Lacessit

Latin is sometimes the most technical as well as the most expressive way to convey a concept.  The phrase Nemo Me Impune Lacessit means “Wha daur meddle wi’ me?” in Scottish.   151 woorden meer


Put Some Zing in Your Shrimp - Bloody Mary Shrimp

I just got back from a great vacation in the Outer Banks with my brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews. We had a lot of fun, spent times by the pool, had some great local beer and craft beers and even got to try out a couple of new recipes along the way. 503 woorden meer


#34 - Buffalo Bergen

After our short ride from New Columbia/Green Hat to Union Market, we had to decide whether we wanted to hit Buffalo & Bergen first, or sit outside for slushies at Suburbia. 169 woorden meer

District Of Columbia

The Tragic Life of 'Bloody' Mary Tudor

We view the past through our own moral lens, often finding ourselves at odds with the views of people long gone. When we find that our modern sensibilities contradict the opinions of past communities we should ask ourselves why that is. 3.708 woorden meer


Sunrise, sunset...Milwaukee--

BOOM!  The sun creates some interesting light when bouncing off of Lake Michigan here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  In the end, everything is really about the light, or The Light. 125 woorden meer


Absolut Bloody Mary 40% alcohol by Pernod


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Want a delicious end to your Galway International Arts Festival? Join us for brunch this Sunday! Tag the friend you’d take to the Absolut Midsummer brunch at… 27 woorden meer


Recipe: Gordon Ramsay's Lobster with Bloody Mary Linguine

This right here is a winner of a dish! It’s 100% the work of Gordon Ramsay but the reason I’m blogging it is because oor Gordy forgets that while he knows the exact measurements, we don’t..and it’s also hard to follow a video of a trained expert. 347 woorden meer

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