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13 Blood-Curdling Accounts From People Who Were Brave Enough To Play ‘Bloody Mary’


“Me and my friend did Bloody Mary a while ago. We flushed the toilet and said ‘Bloody Mary’ 3 times. 2.331 woorden meer

The Monsters Within

Trust us, they tell you.
All the big kids done it too.
Just crawl in the closet, and shut the door.
There’s nothing there, but the cold wood floor. 295 woorden meer

Tomatillo Bloody Mary for The Walking Dead

Season 6 of The Walking Dead is here and beware of the Wolves!

Fear the Walking Dead has been perfectly timed so that I don’t go through zombie withdrawal.   318 woorden meer


Hundred Acres


What you get: say yes to ricotta beignets with honey + unique egg dishes + brunch salad + five variations on the Bloody Mary

Hundred Acres… 241 woorden meer


I quit having a habit a long time ago over a decaded!

I use to frequent dance parties quite a bit which in the peer group people ended up having a habit, mine was amphetamines and marijuana. Over a decade ago I took myself to rehab and have never since then redeveloped a habit; some weekend I might smoke some weed or descant a pipe; but I will never allow myself to enter that kind of life style again. 105 woorden meer

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October 1st - Mary I coronated 1553

Mary I, also known as “Bloody Mary” became Queen after she overthrew Lady Jane Grey. She was a hard line Catholic and her nickname was because she burnt lots of Protestants. 176 woorden meer


Bloody Mary cu sfeclă roșie

M-am gândit să vă prezint în sfârșit și o băutură, și cum tot vine iarna, niciodată nu strică un plus de vitamine. Cred că nu e nevoie să vă zic că această băutură v-o recomand nu chiar pentru micul dejun și nici pentru a fi consumat împreună cu copiii. 226 woorden meer

Bloody Mary