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Plum Blossom

The plum blossom is out &, as each spring, I remember being a 17-yr-old, watching the dying Dennis Potter speaking with Melvyn Bragg about how death's imminence heightened the world's intensity, gave it a fierce "nowness".

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Robert Macfarlane


"It’s time to start thinking of tree as a verb, rather than a noun — tree-ing, or tree-ifying — a strategy, a way of being": fascinating essay on the difficulty of defining 'treeness', biologically.

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Robert Macfarlane

The Tangled Narratives of a Wood

Word of the day: "understory" – the low-growing plants & shrubs that flourish between a forest's canopy & its floor; also, the tangled narratives of a wood.

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Robert Macfarlane


FOREST   land art

Why making a forest as land art?
The answers lay with the trees, not just their beauty, strength, adaptability but:

Tree clean the air from dust, co2, important as we know. 101 woorden meer


What is in the name of a TREE

So many people said you can’t grow trees here, so many times they said you can’t grow that tree, but the trees did.
There is still a general notion in Pembrokeshire that you can’t grow trees there. 804 woorden meer



Primeval Forest on our planet is perhaps not existing anymore as we humans have touched every bit of forest.
Yet, new primeval forest starts to appear there where humans leave nature alone. 455 woorden meer


SEEING trees

The hardest thing for this blog is to choose the photos to show here, there are just so many.
A tree as art is nothing new and so many trees show that they are capable of doing just that. 525 woorden meer