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Piesang- en sagte toffie onderstebokoek

Die pynappelonderstebokoek rinkink steeds asof sy die belle of the ball is, maar die eertyds glans het verdwyn met haar pynappelgoue rok en neonrooi maraschinokersie. Maar dis nie alles neusie verby nie… 646 woorden meer

Botter HK10 "Antje Drop"

Botter HK10 “Antje Drop”

Te koop, gebouwd bij van Aller te Hasselt in het jaar 1885. Compleet schip; zowel voor wedstrijdvaren als voor visserijactiviteiten.

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An interview with a WoW botter

Botting. The act of having a program play a game (in this case, WoW) for you, while you are off doing other things. The bot can farm items, level a character, level a profession, run instances or do PvP on it’s own, with no external input from the player. 1.946 woorden meer

New Diablo III Bot that completes the whole Story Mission

There has not been a Diablo 3 bot before that was independently able to complete the whole story including the Reaper of Souls addon before, but now thanks to an improved farming bot AI it is finally possible. 114 woorden meer

É bastante comum, hoje em dia, encontrar estelionatários com instrução superior e até com boas experiências profissionais (na economia legal), que aproveitam seus conhecimentos para estruturar estelionatos articulados, engenhosos, complexos e refinados. 179 woorden meer