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Snailed it!

Whoa! …hold on there fellow.🐌

This guy was travelling like a manic in the garden this morning,  In fact  I am going to be bold and say he was going faster than Australia Post.😁

On This Day

Brown Family: 10.23.16

I have become very close friends with this amazing family. So when they agreed to let me photo them for holiday/first birthday photos of sweet Tucker I was delighted. 11 woorden meer

Flawless makeup for oily skin 

My skin is definitely on the oily side, so I’ve spent years trying to find the perfect makeup for me. This is my go to makeup to keep your skin flawless and not needing a touch up all day. 267 woorden meer


Jessie Cunningham: Past your porchlight

“I like to create things and love when others connect with something I’ve made. I feel like the affection people have for some possessions makes those items take on a life of their own, and the chance to bring that to someone is very rewarding.” – … 11 woorden meer


More mini card holders (currently for sale)

Hi guys,

I’ve made couple more variants of the Mini Card Holder. They are all the same shape and size, except the color. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and let me know which one do you like the most. 27 woorden meer

Bumpy & Beautiful Bark

The bumpy texture of the bark is really interesting. The sharp focus really highlights the texture while the beauty of the natural colours is striking. The browns and greens of the bark and moss create a soothing atmosphere and take you closer to nature, something that we don’t necessarily experience regularly in our increasingly busy lives.

Close Up Photos

Call me Gucci

Wszyscy noszą Gucci. Ja nie i bardzo tego żałuję. Na mojej dream list, na pierwszym miejscu, zdecydowanie są te brązowe mokasyny.