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Grand Canyon

Eagle Point

Grand Canyon
Arizona, USA


Pier 39

Pier 39
San Fransico, USA


London Bites

This will not be a long article. Indeed, I have spend in London less than 24h, but thanks to Alice, I managed to still shoot some good stuff. 42 woorden meer


The crab and the converter

Crab, anyone?

My family knows I love photographing anything. My son picked up this dead crab and transported it in a plastic bag. By the time it had reached me, the odours were, uhm, detectable. 124 woorden meer

Canon EF300mm F/4L IS USM


There are enormous fires burning in the mountains near Somerset West. The soot makes for amazing sunrises. I tried capturing the spectacle this morning.

This was shot through a polarising filter. 207 woorden meer


Green eyes

This is one of my favourite portraits and it happened by chance. He was not on the official list, but I invited him to hop in between two people who were officially on the bill for a client. 90 woorden meer

Canon EOS 5D

Tech News: The GH5... The New Face of Change?

Canon and Nikon have been the big boys in the consumer and semi-pro market for like, ever. Most people will kind of remember the moment when Canon released their game-changing Canon EOS 5D Mk II. 280 woorden meer