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Eight cartridges, each one is this little bit of ink

Eight Things You Might Not Know About The N64

(Source: kotaku.com)

Just because you’ve used the N64 before doesn’t mean you know everything about it, hotshot. The 18 year old console has a curious history behind it, after all. 160 woorden meer


Printers and the Supreme Court?

In this post I will write about a court case, regarding printer cartridges, which recently reached the U.S. Supreme Court. In a nutshell, the Supreme Court was faced this dispute: should individuals be allowed to refill their used toner cartridges? 736 woorden meer


Don’t Throw Away Your Used Toner Cartridges! Know How to Make the Most Of It

Are you the part of large corporate organization that prints thousands of documents every day and throws away its used toner cartridges at the end of the day? 397 woorden meer

Computer/ Hardware

Cartridge challenge to 'Hit & Run' claims

The NZ Defence force has been disputing claims made by Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson in their book ‘Hit & Run’, and it has been determined that the book pointed to the wrong location for the attacks. 352 woorden meer


Revisited Myth #114: You had to have two opposing teeth to join the army in early America so you could tear off the end of the cartridge. | History Myths Debunked

John Hill, Supervisor of Military Programs for Colonial Williamsburg, lays this one to rest. “I have heard many reenactors note the need for two opposing teeth as part of their musket-firing … 30 woorden meer

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