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Revisited Myth #114: You had to have two opposing teeth to join the army in early America so you could tear off the end of the cartridge. | History Myths Debunked

John Hill, Supervisor of Military Programs for Colonial Williamsburg, lays this one to rest. “I have heard many reenactors note the need for two opposing teeth as part of their musket-firing … 30 woorden meer

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Nintendo Switch Will Include Netflix, Hulu & Other Services.... Eventually

If you’re already bored playing the games on your new Nintendo Switch — and its awful tasting cartridges — there’s little else you can do with the gaming system…. 193 woorden meer

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Current events Nintendo Switch cartridges

The Nintendo Switch is released today but not without a interesting choice to try to help the cartridges not being consumed. Each cartridge is coated with a non toxic bittering agent to stop pets and young children from accidentally swallowing the games since they are smaller then the size of the older 3DS cartridges. 152 woorden meer

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[Random] Don't Eat the Switch Cartridges! They Taste Bad and They're Supposed To

I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but “Don’t eat the Switch Cartridges!” and while we’re at it don’t like them either.

I know the cartridges are small and it is something children will try to do, but adults are doing it as well. 202 woorden meer

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Nintendo Switch Cartridges Taste So Bad

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The Switch is almost upon us, and while there’s still a lot to discover about Nintendo’s latest console, one pressing question has been answered. 421 woorden meer


Prodigious printing performance of Olivetti Ink Cartridges

Olivetti Ink Cartridges is one of the hottest printing products amongst the people connected to buy or individual printer’s users. The exploration for the superior continues exceedingly. 23 woorden meer