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5 Tips to Take a Great Landscape Photography (2 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Agrandaiz Harahap

Founder & Owner of: Agrandaiz Photography

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1. Do your Research… 530 woorden meer


Colorful Demeanor

I felt Purple

A dark and murky kind
With splotches of blacks and blues
I was covered head to toe

I felt Blue

I was alone… 321 woorden meer


A Million Colors In Between

1.  the distribution of colors produced when white light is dispersed by a prism
2.  any similar distribution or record of the velocities, masses, of atoms, ions, and energies… 247 woorden meer

ML236: Asio Otus


1. Trudy Benson, Monolith, 2012.
2. Trudy Benson, Triple Spiral, 2016.
3. Trudy Benson, Untitled, 2012.


Soothed by sketching to songs DAY 28/31 March SOL

Last night, my boyfriend (Nathan) and I decided to try out something similar to #doodleaday (which I saw from another slicer!). We both love music so much, which meant we HAD to draw for the length of a song. 514 woorden meer




1. Jessica Snow, Ten-Note Samba, 2015.
2. Jessica Snow, Happenstance, 2013.
3. Jessica Snow, Angular Rhythm, 2015. 40 woorden meer