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Children in the Garden

I think it’s time to introduce our family. What? Of course I don’t mean human children – I want to show you all the new plant babies we have growing! 170 woorden meer


Introducing atomic scan - Container vulnerability detection

In the world of containers, there is a desperate need to be able to scan container images for known vulnerabilities and configuration problems, and as we proliferate containers and bundled applications into the enterprise, many groups and companies have started to build container scanning tools. 1.771 woorden meer

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Twitter Heron on Apache Aurora

Heron is the next generation real-time streaming analytics platform used heavily in Twitter. Heron runs diverse real-time analytics applications ranging from counting to real-time machine learning. 17 woorden meer

Distributed Systems


As containers gain popularity for a broad variety of use cases, entrepreneurs and infrastructure software investors are focused on investing in the machinery around containers. But there is a particular notion that is emerging, which needs a name. 1.035 woorden meer


Let’s define “container-native” — TechCrunch

There should be a new definition for container-native that aims to better represent the magnitude of impact that containers will have on software development and operations.

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Containers for Recycled Water

If you are interested in getting free recycled water from our Recycled Water Fill Station, you have to bring your own containers. The maximum fill per trip is… 142 woorden meer


It’s time to raise your SDS IQ

by Michael Letschin, Field CTO

You’re probably like other storage buyers – if you’re going to spend good money on a solution, you want storage on your terms – optimized for your organization, its requirements, now and in the future. 435 woorden meer

Software-defined Storage