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The History Of Fleet Growth - It’s Not Rocket Science...

During July 2016, the containership fleet reached a landmark 20 million TEU in terms of aggregate capacity. To many it only seems like yesterday when the boxship fleet passed the 10 million TEU mark, back in April 2007. 478 woorden meer


Introducing the modern application platform

Looking for a group of technologies that will give your organization the power to transform itself for the future?

You’re imagining the modern application platform. 586 woorden meer


Using Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio to Debug Java Applications in the Red Hat Container Development Kit

In an earlier article, Debugging Java Applications using the Red Hat Container Development Kit, it was discussed how developer productivity could be improved through the use of remotely debugging containerized Java applications running in OpenShift and the Red Hat Container Development Kit. 1.418 woorden meer


RANT : Asian Parents

Parents and Asian Parents are two different categories and unless you have Asian parents yourself you will never ever understand the stress of having to live with them. 753 woorden meer

Microsoft and Containers

Earlier this summer I was out in Seattle for DockerCon.  Among the people I interviewed was Taylor Brown of Microsoft.  While Microsoft may not be the first company you think of when talking containers, they actually have a bunch going on.   170 woorden meer

The Perils of creating a so-called 'spot instance' on Amazon Web Services

I suppose that some mistakes (errors) are sufficiently painful that we will only make them once.  If it happens to somebody else, I will usually intone ‘so its a… 78 woorden meer


Serving beer with Puppet

On August 18 2016, Puppet held one of our Puppet Camp events in Denver. During such events, I have the opportunity to showcase what Puppet does in new, usually fun, ways. 942 woorden meer