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Is it spring yet?

Been a month since the last post, so this one will probably ramble on a bit.

Not that there’s all that much to say, but I do ramble…a bit. 630 woorden meer


Testing Ansible in Docker container

When you have developed some playbooks and roles with Ansible the side effect is that you may feel that development begins to move a bit slower as you manually take the time to verify variable permutations. 172 woorden meer


Getting started with Docker Containers in Azure

Let’s get started with Docker on Azure.

We’ll play a little with Docker Containers.  In our container overview we’ve done a tour of the different container managed services. 1.109 woorden meer


Let's Have Window Boxes!

Are you looking to dress up the rather plain front of your house? Or, maybe you just don’t have room for containers around your property? Window boxes bring color and spirit to barren areas, as well as considerable pleasure to those who tend them. 680 woorden meer


Microservices vs Monolithic

Monolithic architecture is a web development style where you have all the web-development code in one location. On the other hand, Microservices are a way to partition a large websites such as amazon into smaller components called microservices. 209 woorden meer


quick garden tip: cool weather annuals

Now all annuals are not the same or interchangeable. Some do better in early spring or summer or even fall. In places like southern California, you can plant cool weather annuals in the fall and they will do well until the summer heat takes them out. 751 woorden meer

Do It Yourself

Droplet Computing makes a big splash at Cloud Field Day 3

Every so often there is a company that catches your eye. Not because of their flashy marketing, but because they are solving a really interesting problem with a clever approach. 430 woorden meer