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food containers

food containers
Author: http://www.sxc.hu
License: You can use food containers for personal use.
For commercial use pls Make sure reading the license of this photo file… 27 woorden meer

Docker Tips n' Tricks for Devs - #0001 - 3 Second to Postgresql

The easiest implementation of a docker container with Postgresql that I’ve found recently allows the following commands to pull and run a Postgresql server for you. 63 woorden meer


A student of design in Paris & England, Piergil Fourquie's design pathway has led to the design of mirrors, screens, tables, shelving & beautiful fans. A link to his site is under Blogroll.

Le Clubs, 2013: “A set of four mirrors with rounded shapes that can be taken in hand or hang on the wall” /

Maiko, 2013: “The modern Maiko fan is 3D printed. 148 woorden meer


How Containers are Changing Everything

Modern application development owes much to the growth of the devops movement and the automation tools it has delivered. Instead of just writing code, developers now need to think in terms the tools they’re using — and how they fit together in a flow from initial idea to a live application. 930 woorden meer


DIY Storage Jar/Herb Garden Planter

You’d think a city girl through and through might not be much of a tree hugger, but here’s the full disclosure: I’m crazy about nature and can’t get enough of the great outdoors. 420 woorden meer