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Setup a local Docker environment

We are going to setup a complete Docker community edition environment on this series of posts. This series is meant for developers who have already heard about… 833 woorden meer

Nano server changes

Nano server is the small, really small, footprint install version of Windows Server that was introduced with Server 2016.

it has a limited number of roles available to to install – much like the original version of Server core. 73 woorden meer

Windows Server 2016

Meal Plan Week Start June 24

It’s going to be short and sweet this week. It’s getting to be a busy time of year for me. I feel like I have barely been home in two weeks. 155 woorden meer

Meal Prep

Design patterns in orchestrators: transfer of desired state (part 3/N)

Most datacenter automation tools operate on the basis of desired state. Desired state describes what should be the end state but not how to get there. 1.639 woorden meer


It's not all rosy in the garden...

A few years ago I decided that I’d create a mini-allotment at the end of my suburban back garden. In the main, I did it just to see what I could actually manage to grow in a relatively small space, and I also reckoned I’d get a lot of satisfaction from actually managing to grow a few things that we could eat. 742 woorden meer

The longest day.

Well, this summer solstice I spent four and a half hours in the garden and it was wonderful. I took care of several of the little tasks that keep getting put off, plus a couple major ones. 424 woorden meer


vSphere Integrated Containers with VMAX

Containers have been around for years at this point, but honestly it wasn’t until Dell EMC World this year that someone asked us if we were doing anything with them on VMAX. 2.445 woorden meer