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Docker signals the end for the Puppet and Chef

DockerCon sailed through Seattle recently, leaving behind in its wake a new swath of rapid adopters plus a trail of related company and product announcements… 37 woorden meer

Cloud Computing

Just How Big Is An Economy Without Borders?

With seaborne transportation accounting for the vast majority of the world’s international trade, the importance of the shipping industry to the mechanics of the world economy is generally fairly evident. 492 woorden meer


Container Image Signing

Red Hat engineers have been working to more securely distribute container images. In this post we look at where we’ve come from, where we need to go, and how we hope to get there. 818 woorden meer

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Puppet + CoreOS: A super quick guide!

Recently, Puppet added some cool stuff on their Docker hub page. You can now deploy puppetserver, puppetDB, and agents as containers.

Why is this ultracool? 251 woorden meer


Hello Node.js on Rancher

In this post I’m going to show how to go through the Kubernetes Hello World Walkthrough but using Rancher instead of Google’s Cloud Platform. One of the reasons I wanted to install Kubernetes on my own resources instead of in the cloud is so that I don’t have to pay additional costs while I’m experimenting/learning. 490 woorden meer

How to Shop For Dog Food Storage Containers

If you have dogs you know how important it is to feed them and keep them healthy. Instead of storing their dry food in the bags that they come in you should seriously consider dog food storage containers. 22 woorden meer