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Rommeo and Julliet

Sometimes when the barista is already stoned at 7 in the morning and has to ask you three times what you ordered and if she rang it up already (regular coffee; yes)–then charges you twice for the same beverage and has to get help from a coworker, then asks again what you ordered–you are not surprised when her spelling gets away from her even after you spell your name out loud.

March 17, 2017. Portland, Oregon.


My First Container Garden

So I decided to a biweekly update on my new container garden.! Which I am EXTREMELY excited about by the way! This is my first time doing a container garden. 585 woorden meer


Bottle Cap Containers

One of the first uses I was aware of for ‘Bottle Cap Containers’ was for hides for geo-caching,  but they’re handy for other little things like jewelry findings or beads or buttons or little stuff. 31 woorden meer

Crafts & Hobbies

Takeaways from QCon London 2017 – Day 2

Now for day 2. If you haven’t caught up with Day 1 check it out here.

The Talks

  1. Deliver Docker Container Continuously in AWS…
  2. 861 woorden meer
Computer Science

CoreOS extends its Tectonic Kubernetes service to Azure and OpenStack

While CoreOS is probably still best known for its Linux distribution, that was only the company’s gateway drug to a wider range of services. Tectonic… 272 woorden meer


Spring Clematis!

I planted some new clematis plants two years ago in a container in front of my house.  They started blooming over the weekend.  There are 3 clematis in the container and they are doing well.  35 woorden meer