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Torres de Containers

CRG Architects presentó una propuesta para hacer edificios de containers, una posible alternativa frente a la vivienda informal en países en vías de desarrollo.

Una alternativa con menor ocupación del suelo y menores costos que una agrupación de casas.

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Detatch from a Docker Container without Stopping It

Saturday morning Docker fun times (still only on Windows Server Core) – here is something I found out that might be useful. It is in the… 112 woorden meer


The History of Containers

Given the recent massive spike in interest in Linux Containers, you could be forgiven for wondering, “Why now?”. It has been argued that the increasingly prevalent cloud computing model more closely resembles hosting providers than traditional enterprise IT, and that containers are a perfect match for this model. 1.160 woorden meer

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

IBM takes on tough task of deploying containers across clouds

The tech world is enamored of containers, new technology exemplified by fast-rising startup Docker that packages up applications in a resource-efficient and portable way. The advantage for businesses is that containers can run applications on less hardware and those applications can pull data from many sources. 613 woorden meer


Alpine Linux doesn't work with KubeDNS. Sad.

I was really getting into building docker images from Alpine Linux. I like its philosophy and general 5MB-ness. I discovered tonight, however, that its libc resolver has some… 76 woorden meer