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When Reality Hits

For as long as I’ve spent in therapy (thousands of hours at this point), I can count on my fingers the number of difficult sessions I’ve had. 1.243 woorden meer

Dealing with the ebb and flow of life

The past few months has been a whirlwind. And once again, like 99% of the human population I’ve been seeking answers when in deep despair and suffering. 1.816 woorden meer


Visiting Gpa

I went to see Gpa this week. It is so hard to see him. He looks so small. My Dad is not a big guy, he is 5’4″ maybe 5’5″ although he has always insisted he is at least 5’7″. 432 woorden meer


How Do Lungs Clean Themselves?

The lungs are very clean—even though they are directly connected to the outside air, which is full of germs and dust. The reason everyone’s lungs are not full of dust and dirt is because of the amazing job the lungs do to keep themselves clean. 152 woorden meer

Respiratory Care

Oh No Not Diabetes Type Two as Well!!!

In March 2017, I was also diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2. Whether this is due to being on steroids or not I have not found out as yet because I haven’t been off them for any length of time during the past few months so I suppose I will find out eventually. 1.128 woorden meer


Spring Speakers Series: Asthma in the older patient

Dominick Shaw is an Associate Professor and honorary clinician at the University of Nottingham and Nottingham University NHS Hospital Trust. He leads the commissioned severe asthma service and performs clinical studies in asthma.  445 woorden meer

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