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What Do You See?

When you see me, can you see the pain I am experiencing with every step? Or do you see the fake smile and laughter I display so you don’t know how bad I hurt? 1.471 woorden meer


Day 3: What is COPD?

The mammogram results were NORMAL!!!

So I’ve been off to the races yesterday until now, 12:58 a.m. of Day 3.  I’ve fallen off the quitting smoking bandwagon obviously, one day’s effort was not enough to carry me through a major upheaval like yesterday was.   397 woorden meer

Smoking Cessation

Comorbidities in patients with COPD and pulmonary rehabilitation: do they matter? | European Respiratory Society

Very good piece on how taking exercise, breathing exercises and taking part in other useful activities helps you to live with this disease.

It is now recognised that chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a heterogeneous disease with many systemic features. 160 woorden meer


Day 1: Breaking up with smoking

As you can see from my About Page, Upon being diagnosed…, I have had a lfe-long love affair with smoking.  Even as I write these words I am thinking, I have always wanted to quit, smoking was horrible a lot of the time, I loved briefly being smoke-free, and, just as Yul Brynner said in the t.v. 427 woorden meer

Smoking Cessation

COPD -an update on recent studies

In my medical practice, I advise all my COPD patients to be on a LABA/ICS combination (e.g. Seretide). However, there are other treatments to consider, especially when evaluating some of the recent data from published clinical trials. 228 woorden meer


E-cigarette flavorings are toxic to the cells of your airway, especially strawberry

There is an ever growing body of scientific literature showing that the vapor from e-cigarettes are not harmless. The e-cigarette vapor has been shown to contain formaldehyde, glycidol, and… 502 woorden meer