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Lung Reduction Surgery For Emphysema - And Coils - Two Peoples Experience

These are two very interesting videos on Lung Reduction Surgery. The coils are on trial at the moment in the UK (see my front page for contact details for Dr Kemp) The non coil or valve method is explained in the second video and seems just as successful. 47 woorden meer


Grapefruit, Banana and Cheese Could Help COPD

Could grapefruit beat lung disease? Eating fruit and other foods including cheese and bananas found to help patients suffering from COPD, because of there anti-inflammatory properties. 231 woorden meer


Ventilation-Perfusion Ratio (V/Q ratio)


VQ ratio is literally the ratio between the amount of air getting into the alveoli (measured as alveolar ventilation in mL/min) and the amount of blood being sent to the lung (measured as cardiac output (CO) in mL/min). 787 woorden meer


Vegetables can help you breathe easy

Lung disease kills over 60,000 British people every year, with Lung cancer, COPD and asthma being the biggest killers. A healthy diet can slow the damaging effects of smoking and prevent lung cancer from spreading. 756 woorden meer

Portable Oxygen

Kevin, Have You Got COPD?

I was recently sent to the COPD Nurse for what should be an annual review. I duly arrived at the surgery with plenty of time to spare and sat myself in a comfy chair and amused myself, whiling away a few ‘downtime minutes’ playing Candy Crush (I know, I need to get a life). 590 woorden meer

Social Media Questionnaire - Please Help!!

In the section LIVING WITH COPD- Whats it like? – ‘Take action today, breathe better tomorrow’ I have touched on the benefits of social media to help meet and talk to people with the same problems as you have; whether it be COPD, Asthma, Bronchiectasis or any of the other lung diseases. 184 woorden meer