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Heritage Learner Program Challenges

I write this reflection of my high school’s current struggles to offer a Heritage Learner Program in hopes that it might help others learn our lessons and better advocate for their own Heritage Learners’ needs at their own schools. 1.617 woorden meer

Quality Education's Impact

-written by Elizabeth Onekalit

The impact quality education has on a child is astonishing. Just ask Lisa Coggin from Our Call Missions.

“We are seeing change in the children in less than a term.” 226 woorden meer

The Relationship Windshield

If you have never done this, then give it a try. Find a stretch of road without any oncoming traffic and while moving the speed limit, look AT the windshield. 983 woorden meer


7 things our kids should be learning in history class. Or not.

In a couple weeks, me and 18 other social studies teachers, district level curriculum coordinators, state education consultants, and other assorted interested individuals will get together to rewrite the state’s social studies standards. 1.449 woorden meer

History Tech

PEPAYS Ireland Forum 2018 ‘Enacting and researching Irish school physical education’. Professor Ann MacPhail

This was the first time that the PEPAYS Ireland Forum was held on a Saturday and the day proved successful given almost 80 attendees were present and that a significant number were practicing physical education teachers. 752 woorden meer