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Angles Outside the Circle

Learning Goal:



  • Common Core
    • HSG.C.A.2 – Identify and describe relationships among inscribed angles, radii, and chords.
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Moving On Before It's Over (Kindergarten)

This school year isn’t even over yet, but in my role as a Curriculum Coordinator, I’m already starting to look ahead to next school year. I feel like I’m cheating on the current school year, but if I don’t start now, there’s no way I’ll have everything ready when the teachers come back in August. 1.327 woorden meer

News from the Academic Office: Curriculum Enhancements at Miss Porter's School

Miss Porter’s School is launching the first phase of a curricular transformation aimed at laying the foundation for a new curriculum that is¬†experiential, collaborative, challenging, and authentic in nature. 635 woorden meer

Miss Porter's School


Make a small change and see big results! Integrate the Comprehensive Curriculum Workbook into your school-day to review core lessons, measure progress, and reinforce If looking for the book Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills, Grade P by American Education Publishing in pdf form, then you have come on to the faithful site. 534 woorden meer


The Arts in our futures

Despite the utilitarian march of governments towards an emphasis on STEM subjects as being the antidote to current Labour Market shortages, the Arts are a critical element in the creativity required to shape solutions… 14 woorden meer


Central & Inscribed Angles (Day 2)

Learning Goal: Provide more opportunities to practice and solidify understanding with central & inscribed angles, and continue to evaluate differences between the two.



The Child & The Curriculum - Everything Old is New Again, Again

“Extreme depreciations of the child morally and intellectually, and sentimental idealizations of him, have their root in a common fallacy. Both spring from taking stages of a growth or movement as something cut off and fixed. 1.174 woorden meer