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DeciBel Expo

DeciBel Entertainment Conference and Expo is an event that attract thousands of persons interested in the entertainment industry and all it entails. It challenges its participants to think outside the box, to be imaginative and to dream big! 49 woorden meer


Gym Music: Stimulant? Or Irritant?

With me, it depends on the volume. I love music — many kinds. A catchy musical background — and I emphasize the word background — can enhance a gym workout. 400 woorden meer


What is log?

No its not a poo! Or a log of wood. Log is the mathematical shortening for logarithm. A Logarithm the opposite to the ‘power of’. Algebraically they are similar like this: 108 woorden meer


Protect Your Hearing While Mowing the Lawn

Did you know cutting your yard could put you at risk for hearing loss? A typical lawn mower creates noise levels between 90-100 decibels (dB) ­– surpassing the safe range of 85 (dB). 304 woorden meer

Baptist Health

A Twitter of Speechies - and other Terms of Venery

As I write this, the 2015 Irish Association for Speech and Language Therapists conference has just come to an end, and happy delegates are taking trains and boats and planes to wend their merry ways home. 1.271 woorden meer


My Favourite Weekend in NYC

After 3 weeks in Costa Rica (not exactly basking in the sunshine for all 3 weeks), I was excited to head home to catch up with some friends! 228 woorden meer

New York


Each instrument was touched passionately, asking the question, yearning for an answer.

Fast and slow, high and low, music in intervals; an “I love you” being told. 168 woorden meer