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Šta je to akustika?




Vještački višesmjerni izvor zvuka u gluhoj sobi.


Akustika je interdisciplinarna nauka koja se bavi proučavanjem svih mehaničkih talasa u gasovima, tečnostima i čvrstim tvarima uključujući teme kao vibracija, zvuk, ultrazvuk i infrazvuk. 2.845 woorden meer


Decibel Premiere: Mouth of the Architect

Head over to Decibel Magazine where they are kindly streaming, in it’s majestic entirety, Time & Withering from Ohio’s MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT. Decibel speaks with drummer and co-founder David Mann about the epic reissue.


T&T's BIGGEST Cosplay Competition!

Not only will we be there to provide you with gaming entertainment at Decibel but you can also participate in Trinidad and Tobago’s BIGGEST Cosplay Competition on May 7th 2017 at Queens Hall! 126 woorden meer


WWE Superstar Nikki Bella!

Decibel is excited to introduce their third guest star for the Republic Bank Decibel Entertainment Festival 2017… WWE Superstar Nikki Bella!

Got your tickets for the RBL Decibel Entertainment Festival? 16 woorden meer


How loud is... loud?

The United States Air Force constructed Kadena Air Base on the existing runways used by the Japanese army during World War 2. The Air Force shares the runway with both the Navy and Army for reconnaissance missions, logistics and routine flight drills. 63 woorden meer

Antenna Gain

Newer amateur radio operators may read or hear some discussion of antenna gain.  The gist of it usually involves how much stronger signals are with a particular type of antenna. 233 woorden meer


dB, or not dB...

…what was the question?

Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to understand dB or just plod along wondering what the heck other hams, publications and spec sheets are talking about is up to you.  886 woorden meer