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A New Chance For Music Criticism

Part of the monthly column ‘Degtyarov’s Despotisms’, posted every last Friday of the month

Introspection of what it means to be a music critic often reeks of egocentric rambling. 1.283 woorden meer


"Pina" di Gorilla3

Pina è un prototipo di essere umano elaborato agli inizi degli anni ’90 del secolo scorso, e destinato dai suoi inventori a seguire (quasi perseguitare) alcuni esemplari specifici di persone, tra cui è innegabile debba essere annoverato anche lo scrivente. 311 woorden meer


Introducing 10 Patches from Max / Msp (Visual programming language for music and multi-media)

Max MSP is a visual programming language for Music and multi-media developed by San Francisco company Cycling ’74.  It has been used by Composers, Performers, Software Designers, Researchers, Sound Designers and Artists to create recordings, performances and Installations.  142 woorden meer


Transmissions from the Black Ivory Tower - Episode 1

Proudly we present to you the first episode of the Black Ivory Tower podcast. Listen to the episode in the embedded player below, or download it directly over at… 188 woorden meer


Measured words

Today I saw a National Geographic article that contained this sentence: “The sound of airflow grows, reaching a ferocious decibel.”

A ferocious decibel? Ummmm, no. We’ll be generous and assume that National Geographic is skimping on copy editors and that a word or two accidentally fell off. 212 woorden meer


Decibel - Depths

The music isn’t that bad, but what the actual fuck is that constant noisy buzzing? It’s fucking ear piercing, made the entire listening experience completely awful. 109 woorden meer

Album Review

Power in "Watt"and "Decibel (dB)"

When you are working in Telecommunication area or related area, you may see many things express in “dB” as such Power that display in “dBm” or “dBW”. 617 woorden meer