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Sunn O))) live in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Sunn o))), Limelight, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 18th July 2017.

From the depths of despair to the realms of the sonic conscienceless, Seattle experimental drone black metal band give Belfast an evening of highly charged fragments of vibrating sound molecules. 401 woorden meer


5 Minute Mommy Makeup

So this past weekend my husband and I went to a wedding without our daughter. It was our 3rd date night in a year.  My mom babysat our daughter which was really nice since it was an “adults only” wedding.   439 woorden meer

CORMORANT: Decibel Premieres "Preserved In Ash" From Progressive Blackened Death Unit As Diaspora Full-Length Nears Release

CORMORANT: Decibel Premieres “Preserved In Ash” From Progressive Blackened Death Unit As Diaspora Full-Length Nears Release


Preorder Diaspora at THIS LOCATION.


Slated to drop this August, Diaspora is the imminent new full-length from progressive blackened death collective CORMORANT. 520 woorden meer

Black Metal

Demystifying Acoustic Data: Part 3 - Perception of Volume

For anyone new to the world of acoustics, there is a multitude of terms, coefficients and numbers that are thrown around.  This flood of information can seem intimidating, especially to beginners. 352 woorden meer

Product Applications

How Your Favorite Group Fitness Class Could End Up Costing Over $297K

“What?” a toned spin instructor yells to a Boot Camp teacher over the gym’s sound system. “Speak louder!” shouts the CrossFit coach to the Zumba teacher, whose ears haven’t stopped buzzing since the last Cumbia. 626 woorden meer


Šta je to akustika?




Vještački višesmjerni izvor zvuka u gluhoj sobi.


Akustika je interdisciplinarna nauka koja se bavi proučavanjem svih mehaničkih talasa u gasovima, tečnostima i čvrstim tvarima uključujući teme kao vibracija, zvuk, ultrazvuk i infrazvuk. 2.845 woorden meer


Decibel Premiere: Mouth of the Architect

Head over to Decibel Magazine where they are kindly streaming, in it’s majestic entirety, Time & Withering from Ohio’s MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT. Decibel speaks with drummer and co-founder David Mann about the epic reissue.