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Best Custom website development firm

 Custom web design is now more important than ever before. The world is full of people who are browsing the web on a day to day basis. 150 woorden meer

Web Design

We Are Moving

With the help of my brother I’m taking the next step and move my blog-portfolio to self hosted wordpress site. It’s going to look a little different – more clean and concentration on the art – but the content will be the same. 37 woorden meer


Dyson Design and Color


In the advertisement above, they effectively use contrast to make their brand and slogan stick out. In the first example, with the main lettering, they use bright yellow which is a powerful color versus the bland grey. 350 woorden meer


डोक्याची मंडई


नाही, हे चुकुन लिहिलेले नाही. तुमचा बेव ब्राऊजर किंवा मोबाईल फोन अ‍ॅप व्यवस्थीत चालु आहे. तुम्ही वर वाचलेत ते अगदी तसेच लिहिले आहे. ही एका संगणकीय भाषेत लिहिलेली छोटीशी आज्ञावली आहे. 213 woorden meer