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Musings #105

I don’t talk much about you..I don’t like to. You are sparsely present in my life. Not in essence and yet hovering in back of my mind. 96 woorden meer


The Dilemma of the Singaporean Mom

High living cost has given rise to the situation where both parents have to be employed for a reasonable living standard.

If literacy level is similar and workplace gender discrimination is not an issue, why are women participating at an employment rate of 17% less than men? 369 woorden meer

Mag ik je ID zien?

Je ziet het niet aan mij, althans dat hoor ik van andere mensen. ‘Achtentwintig?’ krijg ik vaak naar mijn hoofd geslingerd. 502 woorden meer


Becoming Last for Jesus, in the End-Times, Part 3

“Now therefor ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God.”                                                                                                               (Eph. 2:19)

From… 682 woorden meer

The High Standards Of God For End-Times Christians


It happens the moment you see him. Your world shifts, and nothing will be the same. Just the sight of him turns you on. He feels it to; the world draws you to each other. 1.058 woorden meer

Vicious Cycle

So I’m out again. Out from work, I mean. I feel helpless, and yet part of me knows exactly what is wrong, but none of me knows how to fix it. 2.027 woorden meer

Life Lessons

It's not just about him...residency match and dating a medical student

I’m not exactly sure where the time actually went this last time around. I had kept saying to myself that I was going to make an update before the holidays ensued. 900 woorden meer

Medical School