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Twittering Tales #7 – 6 December 2016

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To be or not to be?
Do I take it or not?
What will happen if I don’t?
Will I be given a second chance? 16 woorden meer


So, what next?

As your father/ mother’s friend/ friend/ stranger asks you this question, you can’t help but get pressurised. You’re sick of it, and yet, you expect it. 520 woorden meer


Disaster Averted

Not my eyes again! Why did it have to be my eye?

We use a retractable leash for Delilah and yesterday’s wet snow was sticking to it something fierce, occasionally plugging the return function. 633 woorden meer


The Sequel


The Sequel follows after a Scene. (note last week’s post)

It has three parts: Reaction, Dilemma, and Decision.

A Scene ends on a Disaster. To my liking, that term is a little strong. 238 woorden meer

Book, Writing


I am so curious if I’m the only one feeling like this. I’ve noticed that when my human life is speeding fast and many important events are happening (usually not so pleasant ones) I get this feeling of being split. 267 woorden meer

A Day In The Life Of A Lightworker


Do you know how hard it is to try and write about something that you’ve never experienced? Like, seriously. It’s so hard to even imagine how it feels like and coming from someone who spends the time in her classroom doodling, playing songs in my head, developing conspiracy theories, coming up with plans of world dominance and just zoning out, it does not mean that much. 605 woorden meer