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Love: Dilemma is Ongoing

Have you ever experienced getting out of a romantic relationship where you felt as though you were already at the end of your rope, but you were still determined to go on? 465 woorden meer

Moral Reads

Starting a Blog: A Beginner's Dilemma Solved

Starting a blog is never easy, well at least in my case. I have always wanted to start a blog but I do not know how. 458 woorden meer


A Dilemma Alive

These days, I see, at times, that this piece of a life turns into
nothing more than a dilemmatic piece. It seems to be no more true than… 444 woorden meer


Should I be dejected over these rejections?

These days are reeked with a seemingly endless chain of rejections but I’m kinda glad I am not underwhelmed by them. I’m not sure if I’m already used to the perennial state of losing things or I am just ‘optimistic’ as described by some people who witnessed my setbacks. 673 woorden meer

Deadline Dilemma

Life, I have learned, is a series of deadlines.

As I write this, my final year dissertation is due in less than 24 hours, I have a presentation this week, and exams coming up in the next fortnight… all of which contribute towards my final grade at university and (apparently) will impact my future. 397 woorden meer


Low Productivity - the End of Drug Design?

Innovation has always been a key driver of the pharmaceutical industry. In the 1990s, considered the golden era for drug design, many new medications were developed leading to a huge increase in pharmaceutical profits and investment. 484 woorden meer


कैसे कहूं 'जय गणतंत्र' ?

बचपन में त्योहारों का अपना अलग ही महत्तव और उत्साह होता था चाहे वह धार्मिक आस्था से जुड़े त्यौहार हों या फिर राष्ट्रप्रेम से जुड़े हुए त्यौहार हों । मेरे लिए बचपन में 26 जनवरी का मतलब था- सुबह स्कूल पहुंचकर ध्वजारोहण और कुछ सांस्कृतिक कार्यकर्मो के बाद मिठाई का आनंद । तरुणावस्था में 26 जनवरी का मतलब था- एक देशप्रेम से भरा हुआ भाषण लिखना और देशभक्ति के गीतों में झूमना । 34 woorden meer