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Courageous Decisions

Oh, to come to a decision
That was a weight on the chest…
Though there were very opposite options,
Each seemed both better and best… 217 woorden meer

Between Scylla and Charybdis - a short story

As she walked amongst them, she suddenly realised her dilemma. Everywhere she looked were the frozen, contorted faces of hundreds, maybe thousands, of people who were out on the streets fleeing for their life at the time she had accidentally stopped it all. 535 woorden meer


Pineapples on Pizza

When I first heard that people were putting pineapple on pizza, I thought it was disgusting. Then I tried it one time and it was heavenly. 42 woorden meer

April 2018

Death you are cruel

You took my loved one,

Without any notice took him,

Was so dear in face and heart,

Was soft to the harsh and cruel,

Indeed you are cruel, 22 woorden meer



This is the first time I’m admitting this, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE reading Romance and Erotica novels. I hold my breath every time the lead man declares his undying love for his woman. 299 woorden meer


Curiosity by Hugh Cron - Strong Adult Content.

I take it it will be you Pig Bastards who are reading this? It’s been a long time since I’ve had reason to type. Thank fuck for spell check or you would think I am a total retard, I’m not, I’m a fucking enigma! 958 woorden meer

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