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Dream On.

My entire life so far, from the colonies of Dhampur to the Roads of Dehra to the Metros of Delhi, has been leading to this idea that has recently propped up in my mind. 542 woorden meer



As the first lights of sunlight peep through the bloody red curtains of the window from the room I sleep in, I am once again thrown into reality, well not entirely made aware of it as I’d still be half asleep.  661 woorden meer

Personal Diary

Boulevard of Broken Dreams


Dreams: shattered, after knowing how my solemnization outfit looks like. Mum went to collect the outfit from the tailor yesterday and upon reaching home and looking at the outfit… I wouldn’t wanna elaborate more. 185 woorden meer

The Story

I wasn't prepared for this (part 2)

It’s no secret to my inner circle that I’ve started “church shopping”. I don’t have anything against where I currently am, but where I am has a bubble effect. 945 woorden meer

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I wasn't prepared for this (Part 1)

This is the ugly truth.

This is the raw truth.

This is the truth many will resonate with but do not have the courage to admit or share of how their heart cries “YUUUUPPP” when I share… how getting saved isn’t always what you thought it would be. 689 woorden meer

Journal Entries

Almost Fiction

Its April in the year of sometime,

Doesn’t make sense while walking down that road,

But she can’t help, unbeknownst to her,

Harmony playing in her heart, 151 woorden meer

Personal Diary

Walking Through Spiderweb

It felt like plastic netting only soft. She felt the ridges on her skin and heard the zzzip like rolling rrrrrs as she passed. She thought of spiders quickly glancing up but the web wasn’t damaged glistening in the sun in a single rough-edged sheet. 179 woorden meer

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