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The dilemma of Happiness.

I woke up once again,in the bright prosperous ray of hope today,I extended my arms and opened the window;

Then I smiled,and drifted the curtains apart..I saw a flock of birds chirping as they wished to speak “good morning” to me in the most entrancing manner; 66 woorden meer

Dating Dilemmas 14.......Memories

So I have a few things related to ‘memories’ to mention.

My memory is pretty crap. I have dated 5 guys since May (we’re talking 2 or more dates) and there have been a couple of one-off-not-likely-to-see-again dates, plus the various other guys I have messaged, who for whatever reason I haven’t arranged dates with. 254 woorden meer


If all we do are continual smh’s then its obvious that we’ve all lost our heads from the incessant use. We need to find them and put them back on. Properly.

8-11-16: Act One

Necessary pain (like a root canal) is still pain that must go through a process. Soreness will take time to go away; and if it doesn’t, its not wise to let it remain.

Strange Coincidence.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to type anything but interesting human dilemmas are… interesting.

I have found myself in a position occupying both sides of a dichotomy. 863 woorden meer

confusion & acceptance

Hello friends,

I know its been a hot minute since I’ve posted here and I have no excuse. I very rarely see things through because I am an easily distracted, lazy human. 397 woorden meer


When you can’t talk, you get asked the most questions.