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To be married_ emotions of a GIRL (Bengali write up)

Sorry to my non-bengali friends. I really tried but couldn’t give these feelings beautiful English words and shape. My mother tongue is Bengali though I have never read/write the language in school or college.

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Should Breakfast be Brunch?

The title question was provoked by a co-worker asking me what I knew about intermittent fasting. I said not much, other than it was reputedly a good thing to do. 507 woorden meer


Someone Like You

“I know”, she said
her eyes glistening
like ice crystals
on a sunny day,

“I know he loves me”

Some guys,
getting all the luck, just not me… 288 woorden meer

Jealousy Is A Bitch.

Jealousy is a common thing, right? I have always been told it is natural to get jealous over the people that you love and care about. 455 woorden meer


The Gecko Moment

That very day, seventh of June. One thing led to another, sunken-hearted I squeaked, with eyes that wanted to look into his heart but instead collided with the walls he built at that time, … 969 woorden meer



Writing prompt for January 17th:

Honestly evaluate the way you respond to crisis situations. Are you happy with the way you react?

Long story short, I’m really not. 270 woorden meer