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Night's Dilemma

Every night I struggle to sleep, making a choice between staying up or sleeping. Yeah sure, it doesn’t sound that complicated, but hey it’s a real thing for a person who’s continually anxious. 275 woorden meer


Bilingual stress

If you have visited my blog before, it won’t come as a surprise that it is written in English. However, English is not my mother tongue, it’s Dutch. 155 woorden meer


The James Dolan Dilemma

                              By Byron Evans – @Bevans1985 – Follow me on Twitter.

                                                          What Is Byron Thinking ?

Guys seriously, if we’re going to complain about James Dolan always meddling with the Knicks, then let’s give him some credit for letting Phil Jackson, a guy with a lot of basketball experience, run the Knicks. 43 woorden meer



Consider this situation.

It’s a regular day at work and one of your colleagues comes to you and says he is cash strapped. He barely has enough to run day to day groceries of the family.

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It's a sign?

As many of you who have followed my blog in the past know, my work is pretty stressful. I usually focus a lot of my time writing about Dr. 652 woorden meer

Medical School

Work has messed me over. Again. 

My interview yesterday was rescheduled for July 4th, I got a call of the operations manager asking why I wanted to return, what where my reasons for leaving, I opened up about why I left, I was childish immature , and I was ill which all added to the situation. 194 woorden meer