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Is it too early?

For me to feel slightly intimidated?

I never thought about it prior to today, but my oh my, are there a lot of writers.

Will I even get published? 210 woorden meer


Mumblings of My Heart

Trust is a luxury and care, something that can be bought at a discount.

Such has become the state of the world.

While you tread on bridging gaps and building huts, 79 woorden meer

What a dilemma.....

Today is a typical day here except for trying to find a doctor for Jonathan.  Since he turned 18 his pediatrician will no longer see him.   132 woorden meer

False dilemma

A false dilemma, or false dichotomy, is a logical fallacy that involves presenting two opposing views, options or outcomes in such a way that they seem to be the only possibilities: that is, if one is true, the other must be false, or, more typically, if you do not accept one then the other must be accepted. 281 woorden meer

Logical Fallacies

Tell me your success story please!

I am hoping you can share your story with me and give me the ‘Ah-ha’ moment I need to figure out what my next steps should be. 341 woorden meer


Should I? Would you?

After lunch, pretty sleepy, there we are, me and Àlex, chatting in my car, windows down, motor off, making time till we both get back to our errands. 558 woorden meer

Transitional Thoughts

“There are truths and lies for everyone. Some are universal, meant for all, while there are some that are personal, that define how we are. We all have to make the decision of how we break the two apart.

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