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Empowerment. I'm totally confused on this one.

I’m confused blogging world. And when I’m confused I try and ask as many people I know to help me with it. And seeing as I write a blog about my day to day confusions etc I thought what the hell I may as well give it a go with this topic. 568 woorden meer

Sleep, per chance to dream. 

Fuck off Shakespeare. I can’t sleep right now so dreaming is out of the question. So stick your Lion King influencing play up your ruffled collared arse. 340 woorden meer

top or bottom? (not what you think)

muffin, freshly baked
the perpetual dilemma
top or bottom first

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The Chocolate Dilemma

I love chocolate and I want to get the most enjoyment I can when I eat it. But I know that I enjoy eating chocolate more if I delay eating it than if I eat it right now. 1.057 woorden meer

My First Writers' Group

Over the weekend, I ventured to a quaint coffee shop, apprehensive, burdening my laptop.  Contesting every self-conscious thought, I pressed past couples populating iron tables perched on a brick patio, enjoying the uncharacteristically warm march day, and crossed the rustic, sandpaper faded doorway, egregiously aged beyond the buildings construction.  492 woorden meer

Life's Categorisation Project

As long and as hard as i think, it seems to me that every person in society is bound by this invisible entity that tugs and pulls us to certain… 432 woorden meer