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I Agreed To Be The Bride. I Didn’t Know That Would Make Me Stop Being The Daughter To My Parents.

I just got 500 likes on my wedding pictures on Facebook. That’s a record high for me given that I only have some 700-odd friends. But I have to hand it to the photographer- He did a brilliant job. 1.191 woorden meer

Copy Paste & Changed


She was no damsel in distress from some fable,
All she felt was; that she, was was unlovable…

Her soul, lay shattered,
the pieces, scattered, 149 woorden meer


Case Solution for Paramount Pictures: The Transformers Dilemma

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      Paramount Pictures: The Transformers Dilemma

Authors :           Neil Bendle, Matt Boswick

Source :             Ivey Publishing… 146 woorden meer


Spaghetti hair or hairy spaghetti?!

Is it just me who has a daughter that shares everything she eats with her hair??Every day despite my best efforts to tie it back and make it look pretty she manages to pull out the bobbles/clips and trail it in her dinner!Cue the screaming ab-dabs as I try to brush it out the knotty mess.Daddy has even gone so far as to bring home a hairnet for her to wear!It’s not normal though surely!Never had this problem with my boys!!


Getting past procrastination; what if I don't want to?

Thank God we only have 100 years to live; we procastinate so much already, if we had more time, we’d get nothing done.

-Steve Smith.

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You're doing what???


“You could be our official photographer,” Anna* said with enthusiasm.

Jackie* nodded encouragingly, picking up on the opt out.

“Uh, huh,” I mumbled, concerned about the responsibilities involved in making people look their best when it was unlikely that this would be their finest hour. 498 woorden meer


My dilemma

So as you all know (at least those that follow my blog) I came back to Bulgaria to continue my studies in university. Since I choose medicine applying for the uni is not so simple, that’s because in my high school in Italy we did not study Chemistry and Biology, but all connected to accounting, tourism and law and what-so-ever. 300 woorden meer