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The (False) Dilemma

Here’s am adequately entertaining essay on two roommates who try to figure out how best to help the world, choose to invest their time and effort in careers in order to produce the most beneficial/altruistic wealth, and ultimately just quit and go back to working part-time non-profit jobs. 721 woorden meer

To Lunch, Or, Not to Lunch?

This is usually one of my biggest work day dilemmas.

Do I step away from my desk to eat my lunch? Or, do I quietly sit at my desk while chowing down on my lunch and try to catch up on email? 231 woorden meer

Just Me

Literary Lion- It's My Time

 I am re-posting this in honor of a friend that passed away 24 years ago today. I miss her much.

I wasn’t supposed to be there.  397 woorden meer


Woe is me

I went to the doctor today thinking I had problem A. Turns out, according to her diagnosis, I have that issue plus the flu. It was news to me, that I was having the flu. 106 woorden meer


Fighting for your rights

On today’s reflection Oct o5, 2015

I speak of my experience with lawlessness misconduct practiced by a figure from the public sector who imposed unjustified financial penalties against one of my legal files and used his position to threaten me, what I classify as rights’ abuse. 415 woorden meer


Mandy's Dilemma

Should she write?  Should she not bother?  Mandy wonders about this whole nanowrimo thing.

She is convinced she’s no longer a writer.  Better yet, she thinks labeling herself something she’s not is fooling herself.  106 woorden meer



sleep is for the blessed

all she does

is toss and turn

trying to keep the

demons at bay.

to wake up or

to go to permanent… 12 woorden meer