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Dilemma (2)

The next few months flew by; everything was going according to plan for the Johnsons. Rashida and Temi had started working in their father’s consulting firm. 2.601 woorden meer


Daily Dilemma #32

Hello there,

Congratulations! You have lived through another day and that’s crazy amazing!

I’m showered and clean and settling down with a few vlogs on the ole YouTube. 113 woorden meer

Daily Dilemma's


But what will I write

Yes I could

I would, now

But what will I write

You know I should

I feel it inside

Come out from hiding… 106 woorden meer

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Failure is an imminent part of our life. It is like death, attached to every life and you are never sure when it might hit you. 156 woorden meer

Write Ups

The Art Of Saying 'No'

Years ago, I had gone to my relatives’ place. One day, my aunt prepared sandwiches for me which I gladly ate. After finishing my food like an obedient child that I was, I went to see my (then) favourite cousin and playmate. 874 woorden meer


Only Child & Strict Parents Combo

So these past weeks, there’s this trend on Twitter #GrowingUpWithStrictParents. I kind of followed this hashtag since I grew up, and still growing up, with strict parent/s. 514 woorden meer