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Need of the hour... to find myself.

I need to find me. On my way to myself. I haven’t find me yet. My demons may be quiet for a while now but they do exist and wait for the reason to wake, and take a deep breath which they hold on for so long and then they slowly crawl back to my ears, wrap my mind around and falls the darkness. 592 woorden meer


human touch

bed-ridden with apathetic yearnings,
used to dream once of a world without people,
reality hasn’t compensated yet for desires,
although if it did there’d be longing for a human touch… 40 woorden meer

Instant Poem

The Best lessons I learnt.

It’s not always about people, i have learnt to live for myself. finally!

At first, i had no idea what to do when people hurt me, when people desert me in times of need, when people constantly expect from me, and when i am judged for every second of my life. 454 woorden meer

Personal Thoughts

If you could rescue EITHER embryos OR a 5-year-old, what would you do?

I overheard Ben Shapiro talking about some pro-abortion tweet that went viral on Twitter. Basically, the snarky pro-abortion person tried to make the case that unborn children don’t deserve legal protections because people have a moral intuition to save a 5-year-old instead of an embryo, if they can only choose one. 790 woorden meer


Let go or hold on!

They say letting go is hard..okay I agree..but I think what is more harder is when you don’t know whether you have to let go or hold on…it always amuses me that how our heart already knows what is good for us and what not..but it still wants the not so good things for us most of the time… And it becomes even harder when you are befuddled to let go or hold on..like when you wanna hold on but you have to let go..you feel so tierd of thinking and couldn’t sleep because your thousand thoughts are perplexed…you know have given all your love and it was all wasted…you know it all..it won’t repay..but still you hope..may be one day…it will…this is the most torment situation in which anyone could ever be… 23 woorden meer


#MeToo: Thoughts on Vulnerability, Victimhood, Secrets and Privacy

During my freshman orientation at Bryn Mawr College, the resident advisor invited us into her dorm room to sit on the floor in a circle and get know each other. 646 woorden meer


Turing You Loose

‘Cuz, let’s face it, you are of, NO use to me!

Turning you loose, that, is what I’m ‘bout to do, and just as I was ready, to release, something stopped me, in my tracks.   183 woorden meer

Experiences Of Life