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Someone else will help, they say........Who?

I’m sitting in a cramped autorickshaw, enjoying the chill of the morning air blasting past my face, as we– my friends and I– ride to school, as always. 710 woorden meer


straddling the line between love and duty; causation of guilt-laced sinuous decisions. when will I stop making the right choice and tread the path leading to my heart? 44 woorden meer

Can We Really Go Back to the Way We Were After We Get Back Together?


Q: LS, who was betrayed by her husband, causing her to lose ALL of her self-confidence…

Married for five, six years, with two children, but, her husband had an affair, and the other woman talked trash to her, being forced, OUT of her own marriage, LS wrote me, about the feelings of unsettlement in her mind.  465 woorden meer


July Week I

July W I

060715;0054; Week 1
Blogging this on my bed. Didn’t have the time to do so on the train just now so I just gonna keep this succinct. 281 woorden meer

Day 185

I don’t think I can bring myself to meet the guy I was talking about yesterday. The only thing that keeps me interested in meeting is simply my curiosity. 234 woorden meer

Daily Journal 2015

Day 184

I’ve been talking to this guy recently. For about a week or so I would say. Not all consecutive but for the last 3 days consecutive for sure. 232 woorden meer

Daily Journal 2015

Shorts; am I Goldilocks?

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, with the blonde-tressed beauty always searching for what is “just right” for her. 353 woorden meer