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Compunction (3)

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months as Jeremy and I grew closer and closer. On the eve of the first year anniversary our relationship, I lay in Jeremy’s arms gently stroking his chest as we watched… 1.576 woorden meer


The Name-Changing Dilemma: Does Changing Your Last Name Impact Your Personal Brand?

To change or not to change your last name is the first big question a new bride faces after walking down the aisle. Your name is the “brand” you have been associated with since birth! 1.289 woorden meer


Given Up.

Giving up doesn’t always mean that you’re weak, sometimes it means that you’re strong enough to let go of things that don’t have a meaning in your life. 227 woorden meer


A post on love...

So, it’s been more than one year since I made my first and only post. Many things have happened. Many things I wanted to talk about and many more I didn’t… 580 woorden meer

Is Love a Tragedy or Remedy?

So, here I am trying to live life in newer terms, no reaching to conclusions without valid concrete proof of action. And like every time the resolution went down the drain. 420 woorden meer


Feeling Guilty📚😔

So, this is my “dilemma,” let me know if you have this feeling too. So, I have a ton of books and yet I keep buying more. 147 woorden meer


Dilemmas I-V

Dilemma I: Women’s faces

Why are the eyes of a woman so disturbing
while her lips are so coveted?

A stare is present and unsettling, 151 woorden meer