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FUTURE tease: 6/22/18 – FLASHBACK recap: 6/15/18

The recap of last week’s episode begins with some throbbing club beats from Trust:

A little throwback to Duran Duran’s biggest track of the new millennium so far: 61 woorden meer

Meet The Successful And Very Meditative Trombonist Alexander Lewis- (EDM)

Alexander Lewis is a multi-instrumentalist known for implementing his trombone into his production of music in various genres like trap and hip-hop. Hailing from Brackettville California, he paved his way to the east coast and attended Manhattan School of Music in NYC. 806 woorden meer

The Musical Journal

Danse électro and Tecktonik

Danse électro originated in France at the beginning of the 2000s. Inspired by other European dance movements, danse électro went on to become a global phenomenon. 106 woorden meer

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FUTURE tease: 6/15/18 – FLASHBACK recap: 6/8/18

Starting off the flashback to last week’s show, Klaxons bring back the 80s vibe with a club scene drenched in neon:

There’s a more upbeat video for this song, but I prefer this one because Juiceboxxx looks kind of like a zombie: 45 woorden meer





Independent (underground)


The new African beat set to get Europe dancing

Afrobeats has dominated African pop charts for the last few years – but now it faces a challenger for its crown.

Afro EDM – “Electronic Dance Music” – is zipping towards the main spotlight in all its frenetic glory. 52 woorden meer

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Scene and Heard – CCCXXXVII : Paradigm Shift - Cyborg Asylum (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Cyborg Asylum has always been great at blending a sort of clinical, cold war, drama with a slightly apocalyptic musical vision. Their great art has always lain in their skill for looking at the political machinations and social choices being made today and extrapolating their views of where those decisions might takes us. 191 woorden meer