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WHISTLEBLOWER - English Language Learner "Concerned ELL Teacher": Change this Madness!!!


It has been almost a year since Superintendent Cindy Marten betrayed the 28,000 English Language Learners (ELL’s) and their Families, the School Site Communities, the Principals and the Teachers  by eliminating 62 English Language Support Teachers (ELST’s) from the neediest schools (some of which had over 70% ELL’s and 90% Free and Reduced Lunch) in the San Diego Unified School District. 1.156 woorden meer

San Diego Unified School District Superintendent Cindy Marten

NEWS FLASH! SDEA Gets a Grievance Settlement for Marten ELST Removal Blunder – Students Get Nothing

Back in July and in numerous posts since then, District Deeds has called out Superintendent Cindy Marten for improperly removing ELST’s from the most neediest of SDUSD Schools. 241 woorden meer

San Diego Unified School District

7 Months After Eliminating 1 Headcount and More: Monarch Cindy Marten Incompetence Has Been Proven

As we covered in District Deeds here: https://wp.me/p4LD0L-4J and here:https://wp.me/p4LD0L-cA ….the frantic, panicked and ill-advised budget balancing decision by inexperienced  Elementary School Superintendent Cindy Marten, who has virtually NO large school district budgeting credentials, to actively recommend to  remove English Language Support Teachers (ELST) from some of the neediest school sites has egregiously harmed thousands of English Language Learner (ELL) students and families in the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) in this 2014/2015 school year. 764 woorden meer

San Diego Unified School District Superintendent Cindy Marten

Wintertime means “geutelingen”-time for me. I can not translate the word for you as it’s a typical Belgian food speciality that’s only being made once a year and only in the region of Elst (= Flemish Ardennes). 114 woorden meer


SDUSD BOE Meeting Result: Marten ELST Strategy Just Another Insultingly Poor Sales Job To Victimize ELL's

Highly dedicated and involved Community Members and Teachers at the Board Meeting called the Marten ELL Plan a “pack of lies”, a “farce”, Racist, not transparent, non collaborative and a “money grab” that will “miserably fail our children”. 985 woorden meer

San Diego Unified School District Superintendent Cindy Marten

Response to Shri Shrikant Talageri - Part 8 of 8

My theory of ‘Visual astronomy observations’ had the following consequences:

All astronomy observations of the Mahabharata text are (were) visual observations of the sky. There are some 200+ astronomy (and chronology) observations within the Mahabharata text, and each observation, and testing against the consequence of my theory is (and was) an opportunity to falsify my theory. 1.185 woorden meer

Baetens House in Netherlands

It’s a large, open and uncluttered living space.