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Day 196/365 - Escape the Storm

Slow down and relax
You can’t control the storm
So let it be and do your best
To escape its wrath and
Let it go away… 33 woorden meer

English Poetry

Day 195/365 - Target

Eyes on the target
We made our shots
We hit some of them
We missed a few as well
We keep on shooting
Till every target is hit

English Poetry

#200 - If I could

If I could I’d build an empire: 
Conquer the world, defeat everyone. 
Have a vast legacy that flows like the 
Waves against a fisherman’s boat.  100 woorden meer


Day 194/365 - Journeys

Go ahead! Map your own path.
Some great stops await you on the way
Some dark ones may also be there
But arrives the sweet finale at the end of the day… 24 woorden meer

English Poetry

#199 - What

I hate, but I won’t abate.
I won’t let the tide ebb and
Flow against me in what
I do. Although, sometimes…

I hate everything and… 123 woorden meer


Spaghetti&Meatballs - 20 Signed Copies By Mendes Biondo From Italy Only For The Fastest Among You

Hey Folks, great news here at The Mendes Speakeasy! I’ve just received 20 copies of “Spaghetti&Meatballs – Poems for Hot Organs” from the rockin’ … 133 woorden meer


Day 193/365 - Change the Destination

The whole path was mapped out
Rerouted a few times as well
But maybe now it’s time
Time to change the destination

There lies a better place to go to… 74 woorden meer

English Poetry