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Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey


Born in 1517 to Thomas Howard, the 3rd Duke of Norfork and Lady Elizabeth Stafford, Henry Howard along with Sir Thomas Wyatt are the “Fathers of the English Sonnet” Yes, that sonnet that later became known as the Shakespearean Sonnet. 1.321 woorden meer

Elizabethan Period

Day 110/365 - Anger

When you see something wrong
But are too scared to say
Find that anger, that disdain
To push you to slay

English Poetry

Sir Thomas Wyatt

A Short Biography

Sir Thomas Wyatt (1504 – 1542) was a poet, and a courtier in the court of Henry VIII. He is most famous for introducing the Italian sonnet into the English language. 1.515 woorden meer

Elizabethan Period


Standing on a bridge

Crying to the wolves

She suddenly doesn’t feel alone

Free, as they are, she was born to roam

She follows trails of her own… 59 woorden meer



You are the puppy I’ve always wanted

You are a song with a perfect rhyme

You are made out of my imagination

You are something that I call mine… 8 woorden meer


16th Century Poetry: A Quick Historical Background


16th century England is usually referred to as the English Renaissance, The Golden Age, or Elizabethan Period. While some scholars and historians argue that the renaissance did not happen outside Italy, but we cannot doubt that the 16th century was indeed a golden age of English literature. 536 woorden meer

Elizabethan Period

Day 108/365 - Question

Question all that you can
Question because you should
Learn what you must do
Learn why you do so

English Poetry