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Money does buy happiness

I don’t know whether it’s true that psychologists and sociologists have studied this and I don’t care; I’m convinced even without them that money can indeed buy happiness, or at least a fraction of it. 246 woorden meer

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Hercules, centaurs and the Asperger interpretation

Where people of ancient times more superstitious? Did they believe in monsters and centaurs and the like or is there something very fundamental that we are missing when we read about old myths and legends? 1.027 woorden meer


Title: The Pearl
Author: John Steinbeck
Genre:  Fiction
Publication Year: 1945
Country: US
Edition: Penguin
Language: English
ISBN… 336 woorden meer


'Flashpoint' - book review

Flashpoint’, a completely unreadable book by J.Sri Raman also doubles as an eminently anti-national one. While going through the ‘Advance Praise’ section, I saw that Prof. 219 woorden meer


'Degree Coffee by the yard' - a review

‘Degree Coffee by the yard’, a book on Madras, by Nirmala Lakshmanan, great grand daughter of the late Kasturi Ranga Iyengar of The Hindu, is a missed opportunity to portray Chennai. 95 woorden meer


I used to believe God had a plan for my life

I used to believe God had a plan for my life – the best path for me to follow – that I’d be able to find if I paid enough attention to the Holy Spirit. 531 woorden meer

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There's life on the other side of the screen

Vnimaniye vnimaniye*.

I’ve just received an email from an Italian publisher, a personalized email, directed at me, really at me, whose author, after having read the cover letter, has expressed interest for my novel. 246 woorden meer

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