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10 Star Replacement

During this event, you can exchange any of your 10 * Heroes for other 10 stars in the same faction. For example: You can exchange 10 star Asmodel for a 10 star Gerke , Michelle, Faith Blade, etc. (Light Faction).

Prophet Abiara re-marries almost two years after losing his wife.

Prophet Abiara has remarried after so many insinuations that he will remarry some months after he lost his wife. Here we are, almost two years after his wife’s death? 77 woorden meer


Alexei Ratmansky's reconstruction of Harlequinade to première in June

Alexei Ratmansky’s reconstruciton of Petipa and Drigo’s Harlequinade is set to première on the 4th June 2018 at the Metropolitan Opera House, New York City. 17 woorden meer


Petipa memorial plaque unveiled at Vaganova Academy

As part of the celebrations of the 200th birthday of Maestro Petipa, a memorial plaque was unveiled on the 11th March 2018 at the Vaganova Academy in Saint Petersburg by the Academy’s Director Nikolai Tsiskaridze and the Mayor of Saint Petersburg. 32 woorden meer


My Cute Bag

Disadvantages of small bags is usually more obvious than the advantages of big bags. I have this cute-amazing-everyday-chain-strapped bag that goes everywhere I go(more like M T N) so on this cool day, I have a test at a HQ of one of the big banks, this day also clashes with my final Ministry class, luckily time of the test was changed to 2pm. 296 woorden meer