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วิธีลงโฆษณา facebook 2018

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วิธีลงโฆษณา Facebook 2018

What you should know about your first photoshoot

Hello and welcome!
I’m very excited that you’re reading this first of many blog posts about things you should know about being a part of a photoshoot and the results I have produced so far. 372 woorden meer

Yakin, mau hiatus dari sosial media?

Tidak bisa dan tidak dapat dipungkiri lagi kalau kita memang hidup berdampingan dengan dunia sosial media. Bahkan antara dunia nyata dengan dunia sosial media terasa beda tipis. 610 woorden meer


The EU and the warning signs of Fascism

Image source – here
By Kit Knightly | OffGuardian | December 10, 2018

Things are spiralling out of control in Europe, faster than many predicted. Outside of Brexit, there is strong anti-EU feeling in Hungary, Spain, Italy, Greece and France.

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Human Rights

John Saward - 2018-12-11T02:51:08.000Z

There are the Sleepers.

And there are the Awakened Ones.

And then there are the Spruikers of Snake Oil Awakening Ointments.

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