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Op shop winter outfit

Last day of Autumn today. Here’s a winter outfit I’m looking forward to wearing!! Topshop hat, Karen Walker dress (from the opshop!!) and The Miss Shop cardigan (op shopped). ☔️🌧💁🏻


Capes are not just for superheroes

Here in Louisville, the winters are mild. Native Louisvillians would disagree, but I am speaking as one who hails from Cleveland, OH. A city that is short on warmth and sunshine most of the year. 355 woorden meer


Las Vegas Street Candid

People viewing content on their phones totally disable their awareness of the world passing by in real time, as did this woman. 9 woorden meer


what's the fuss Stan Smith?

I had seen Adidas Stan Smith shoes in magazines and online but wasn’t sure they were for me.  My main footwear is trainers these days – lots of walking and casual style.   62 woorden meer


Badlands Bar opening outfit

Last night was the opening of Badlands Bar. I wore my op shopped pink fur coat, Tiger Mist dress, 2 Baia Vista shoes and earrings from Lovisa 💕🍾 8 woorden meer


Stitch Pitch/ Weave Wonder

Michael Raedecker “Camouflage”  March 18 – April 23, 2016  at GRIMM

A window rendered in gray immediately caught the eye. Reminds you of an icy winter dusk. 337 woorden meer

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