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The Gods of Love - Nicola Mostyn

* I received a free review copy of this novel via NetGalley.  The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*

Blurb: Meet Frida. Divorce lawyer, cynic and secret descendant of the immortal love god Eros. 476 woorden meer


Mystify Me

10+ Fantasy Authors
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January 18th-20th


it's complicated

These tears run red. Six years of malicious bloodshed. Six years of manic promises. Six years of insecure lies. Isn’t 666 the Devil’s number? Or just your favorite? 268 woorden meer


Oathmark Elves revealed

Oathmark Elf Infantry by Northstar. These are the first pictures of the very first figures from Renedra’s factory.

A comparison with a Oathmark Ork: 20 woorden meer


War of the World Makers

DNF @50%

I just couldn’t understand where this was coming from. I did want a story that was more focused, and less confusing. I didn’t get any of that at all. 89 woorden meer


Review: The Magicians by Lev Grossman


First in the series “The Magicians” by Lev Grossman is often compared to Adult Harry Potter. If you like HP, then you will definitely love Magicians. 308 woorden meer


Book review: Dragon fate

There goes my first new read of 2018. It was in the depths of my potential TBR list, and the author himself mentioned it’s on sale on Goodreads group I am in, so I was like, why not give a try. 521 woorden meer