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I write stories about fascinating places I’ve been in my mind. I’ve journeyed to each of these beautiful places countless times and now, I invite you to join me on my new adventures.

What fancies you?

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Opening the school year with a letter to your physics teacher

Every year, I seem to go through some variant of an introduce yourself to your teacher activity, from asking students to fill out some sort of template I’ve created or to answer a Google survey. 875 woorden meer

Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge, Week 13

Hello everyone, I am back with this week’s ‘Masters of Writing Flash Fiction Challenge’ contest. I am so glad I posted it, as many writers came together and took part in it and I thank all of you. 240 woorden meer


Mon expérience avec Air bnB

Bon j’étais décidé d’être transparente avec vous. Peut-être que c’est juste moi qu’y a eu de mauvaise expérience après tout. Ou la prochaine fois je vais être plus méticuleuse avant de confirmer. 508 woorden meer

Travel Style

The marketisation of English schools: students paying the cost of the market

An article from the Guardian on the negative effects bringing schools into a market place for education implemented by the Tory Government.

Students are jettisoned in the middle of their A levels if they are thought to be jeopardising the school’s performance data… 14 woorden meer