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Biking battles: The jungle road

So before moving onto the long road, let us take a look at what kind of people are most often encountered on the Chinese roads. A comparison with the jungle is not strange, you have for example the predators: 458 woorden meer


The Major Disparity Between Girl’s & Boy’s Bikes

Bicycles are the great means of travel and commute for all: whether it is a boy, the girl or the elderly. These contraptions seem to be very similar and alike when it comes to boy’s bikes and girl’s bike, but the story is not the same. 435 woorden meer


Qualities To Look For While Buying An Electric Bike

Buying a bicycle can be a matter of trouble sometimes, especially when you want to buy an Electric bike or are buying it for the first time. 372 woorden meer


Pimp My Bike #31

I was wandering home and spotted this bike, I was amused at the makeshift figurehead so I pulled out my phone and took this photo. 58 woorden meer


Lessons From My First Cycling Tour!

On Sunday, March 26th I did my first cycling tour ever! In this post I’ll share my experience and hopefully help someone new to know what to expect :) 878 woorden meer


Buy Electric Bikes From The Premium Kinderfiets

Electric bikes are funky as well as environment friendly. They offer you a great alternative option over motor vehicles that cause a lot of air and noise pollution. 423 woorden meer


Gift Your Child a Bicycle & Bless Him With Benefits

Our childhood activities fix on our health, our hobbies, and our stamina. If your kid spends more time on the tablet, play station or videogame –s/he is likely to be dull, inactive and have a poor eye-sight, while if your child is engaged more in the outdoor activities like running, jogging and cycling –s/he would definitely have a good stamina, sharp mind and an active physique. 383 woorden meer