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Pottermore staff made redundant amid trying times for Harry Potter fans

Editorial staff from the Harry Potter fansite Pottermore have been made redundant amid a trying time for the magical franchise.

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the new Fantastic Beasts series due to the casting of… 476 woorden meer



Descent from my new series titled Signs of Life. This series is a work in progress and combines film photography with digital processing. February 2018. You can see the entire series on my site.


When Saturday Comes

On Saturday we’ll be in Bo’ness at the Hippodrome Silent Film Festival. Time and budgetary constraints mean I’m not seeing any of the shows before then, since I’d have to travel through by train and then bus and that can get expensive in addition to the (reasonably-priced) cost of the films themselves. 246 woorden meer


Round 116- NYC Edition - Put That Thang Down, Flip It And Reboot It


The NYC Edition is Back With Round 116. Listen to Alex “A-Town Ryan , Mista Malave and newest Voice LexOnDecks. They are Talking TV Reboots and Revamps. 52 woorden meer


Johnny Knoxville and Jackass cast star in stunt-filled "Action Point"

Everyone’s favourite daredevil Johnny Knoxville is back to his hilariously painful antics in the upcoming comedy Action Point.

Knoxville stars as D.C., the crackpot owner of a low-rent, out-of-control amusement park where the rides are designed with minimum safety for maximum fun. 67 woorden meer


Films I Watched When I Was Younger – Issue 11: The Specialist

I saw 1994’s The Specialist in the cinema when it came out. Until recently that was the only time I’d ever seen it, so I imagine that even as a teenager I didn’t think much of it. 344 woorden meer