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An pagbagat

Pag-ingkod ni Trump sa pagkapresidente san Amerika, may upat siya na kapartido na susun’dan. Ini na upat, nagkaranhi sa Pilipinas. May pagkaparareho ada sira san mga nasa pwesto dini sadto, may mga kalidad na nagkasurugpon. 741 woorden meer


Been quite a long time

Hello Fanatics,

I’ve been away for 2 years, only because i didn’t feel like working on the site, i had some motivation meanwhile, but never got back to it. 69 woorden meer


So I'm parked at BestBuy and this hot as fuck police officer pulls up next to me...

Smiles at me while I’m sitting in my car ’n shit and I’m all like “Wuuut”…

Then I go in and he passes me in the store and courteously steps aside so I can pass and smiles hardcore again. 54 woorden meer


Veganism: Physical Health

Veganism is when someone avoids any animal products such as eggs, dairy and even products such as leather and wool. In the United States, according to the “Vegetarianism in America” study published by Vegetarian Times showed approximately 0.5 percent of Americans are vegans; 53 percent of them are vegans to improve their health. 475 woorden meer


Minimum-wage jobs provide students with skills, experience essential for future careers

Written by Ariel Pan

It’s no surprise to many of us that we will have to get a job when we grow up. A er all, that is what high school and college is supposed to prepare us for. 629 woorden meer


Weighing the Benefits of a Vegan Lifestyle: Environmental

Written by Mikaela Wayne

Ninety-five percent of people eat meat, dairy and eggs. What many of them are likely unaware of are the detrimental effects that meat production and factory farming can have on our environment. 421 woorden meer


Avoiding mental disability jokes lifts stereotypes, promotes acceptance

Written by Cassandra Bond

“I am so OCD, I just organized my pens in color order!”  “Do you have ADHD? You can never pay attention!” Comments like these are heard around campus all the time, with little respect for others’ feelings and conditions. 773 woorden meer