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Hollie's Creative Project

Hey everyone – I hope essay writing and revision is going well!

I thought I would post the link to my instagram from my creative project in case anyone wanted to use it for their essay as we discussed in the revision session. 685 woorden meer


De-laning would favor some students over others, limit teachers' time

By Lena Ye

Honors classes and lanes at PAUSD start early. In seventh grade, all students are divided into two levels of math: Pre-Algebra 7 and 7A. 648 woorden meer


In Case You Missed It: What You Need to Know About the Title IX Forum

cw: This article discusses sexual assault.

Thursday at 4:15 p.m. counselor Nicki Keller, Title IX Coordinator Andrea Goldblum, Deputy Title IX Coordinator Linda Smolak, next year’s Interim Title IX Coordinator Sam Hughes, and the Sexual Misconduct Advisors facilitated a somewhat tense Title IX forum in Gund Gallery’s Community Theater. 1.547 woorden meer


When choosing what book to read:

“Piliin mo yung award-winning wag yung best selling. Maraming award-winning na hindi nagbest selling.”

-Mr.Harry Dozen (science fiction author)’s answer during one of the forums held by the Novelistas.


Extended Studies Forum

Extended Studies English is for students who already speak English well, and who want to be challenged a little bit more. In our Sixth Grade Extended Studies class, we are reading Murder of the Orient Express, by Agatha Christie. 90 woorden meer

the poster

We’ve had the poster printed now. Looking good.

We’ll distribute when we can but let us know if you’d like one or two.


Ancient Rome and the Colosseum-VIP style

Ever want to experience what a city was like 2,000 years ago?  I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there’s an ancient city that goes by the name of “Rome” with some of its ancient grounds still in tact, although quite crumbly looking in certain areas ;) There’s also this giant white stadium still miraculously standing that goes by the name of The Colosseum. 952 woorden meer