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He's no rocket scientist: ISIS fighter tries to fire RPG through a small hole in a wall - and appears to blow his own building up

The terrorist is seen trying to aim a RPG through a small gap in a wall
Standing inside the building, he misses his shot and destroys the room… 30 woorden meer


Naked body of mom, 25, found in a pool of blood just hours after she 'invited a male Facebook friend to her home'

Sharae Bradford, 25, was discovered bleeding profusely on her bed in Ferguson, Missouri, Saturday evening
Bradford’s family said the mother-of-one had…

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Future of human gene editing to be decided at landmark summit

Should humans take control of their genetic fate, and rewrite the DNA of future generations?

Now that the ability to selectively insert or remove genes… 28 woorden meer


Just hit tab: why Silicon Valley techies are dropping LSD at work

According to its fans in California, taking ‘microdoses’ of the hallucinogen enhances energy and creativity. Just watch out for the multicoloured fish…

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The Nobody is the Reincarnation of Winston Churchill

If you’re going through hell.. keep going

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Scans prove there’s no such thing as a ‘male’ or ‘female’ brain

You may have read that having a male brain will earn you more money. Or maybe that female brains are better at multitasking. But there is no such thing as a… 28 woorden meer


More than 11,000 Norwegians line up to shoot 16 wolves


Norwegian hunters outnumber wolves 763 to one, according to new figures for licences to kill population that could be as low as 30

Wolves have… 28 woorden meer