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Last Call: FORUM Bar And Restaurant Closing Sunday

BOSTON (CBS) – FORUM Bar and Restaurant became a fixture on Boylston Street and symbolized what it meant to come back after the Boston Marathon bombings, stronger than ever. 243 woorden meer


So GLP "God"...how is the experiment going?

Just kind of wondering if you are finding out what you wanted to find out?

Also, I was eating a Hershey’s kiss tonight and I kind of bit it so a… 30 woorden meer


Encryption Only Guards Against Peer Attacks

Won’t work against the Shadow Government.

They are light years ahead of you. Back doors built into the hardware purposely.

Attempting to build…

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Age Difference in couples..

What do you people think the biggest age difference should be or, could be between a Man and a Woman in a relationship?

Man being older for the most… 28 woorden meer


Sweet potatoes, a Superfood!

I can’t seem to get sweet potatoes off my mind, they are a superfood, and yet often forgotten.

Read more at…

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Cant actvate my account

dont know why

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So I actually managed to crochet plastic bags

It’s pretty cool. I would post a picture, but it looks like I would have to pay to do that. And given that I’m one of the uncounted unemployed… 28 woorden meer