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Diin tabi ako, Papay, maagi pakadto sa akò tuyo? May layhon tabi na latayán didto?

Manglain-lain an agihán, Nono. Layhon, latayán, tungtungan. Kundi, isipa an pato. 50 woorden meer


An nahahadukan

San Lunes punugkot siya sin kandila
an hadok sa dulóm, binubulóng
sin sunâ

Na-Byernes man, kaapin na niya an ngitngit
panagáng sa uhay sin ilaw, na kun imodón… 10 woorden meer


The artistic and mathematical marvel of nature that is the puffer fish...

Voted guy who works the hardest to get laid…

Voted #1 most romantic on the planet…

The puffer fish.

Yeah this video changed my life. 21 woorden meer


NASA is gonna have some serious info suppression to do after Cassini's Titan flyby...


Titan is basically a miniature Earth…

Like all the most gorgeous tropical spots on Earth combined…

That’s Titan.

It’s is like a heavenly tropical oasis. 97 woorden meer


Disclaimers on life...

“You see that bozo in the clown suit? Yeah that’s your dad. You sure you wanna do this?”

“Listen… you’re gonna see your mom do some pretty crazy shit. 40 woorden meer